Appropriate Waste Management for Developing Countries

  • Kriton Curi

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    Pages 111-126
  5. Andreas D. Andreadakis
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  6. Derin Orhon, Yasemin Cimsit, Ethem Gbönenç
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  7. D. G. Christoulas, A. Andreadakis, A. Kouzeli-Katsiri
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  8. R. P. Mathur, Anil K. Sinha
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  11. Kriton Curi, S. Giray Velioğlu, M. Haluk Sur
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  13. S. T. Nesaratnam, A. M. Al-Husseini
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  14. John L. Carden Jr.
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  16. John Taylor Jr., David Walrath
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  17. Sergio A. S. Almeida, Russell G. Ludwig
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  18. Aysen Müezzinoğlu, Adnan Akyarli, Bataçar Baysal, Füsun Şengül
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  19. F. Soub, A. Mahasneh
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  20. Pedro C. da Costa, J. M. Novais
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  21. S. Velchamy, R. P. Mathur, I. Mehrota
    Pages 521-532
  22. T. Okubo, J. Matsumoto
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  23. Yves Smeers, Daniel Tyteca
    Pages 599-618
  24. Coşkun Yurteri, Semra Siber
    Pages 633-642
  25. Nexhat M. Daci, Mandushe Berisha, Salih T. Gashi
    Pages 657-663
  26. Back Matter
    Pages 665-673

About this book


The importance of protecting the environment against pollution is an objective which gained international acceptance in the recent years. According to the first principle of the Declaration of the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment which took place in Stockholm in 1972, "man .... bears a solemn responsibility to protect and improve the environment for present and future genera­ tions". The United Nations again in their desire to improve the sanitation conditions allover the world decided to proclaim the period between 1981-1990 as the "International Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Decade." Although attempts have been made by inter­ national organizations to prevent pollution, it is difficult to say that these attempts gave satisfactory results in developing countries. The most common reasons of failure are: a) To find solutions to their environmental problems, develop­ ing countries usually seek the assistance of engineers and scientists from developed countries. Many times, how­ ever, either out of ignorance of the local condition or due to financial motivations, these experts come out with solutions which are far from being considered as the "most appropriate." As a result, the basic objective of protecting the environment is not achieved. b) Attempts made by developed countries to "export" their wastes - especially the hazardous ones - to the developing world, is another danger - and sometimes reason of failure­ encountered in the field of Environmental Management.


Flotation Recycling biomass environment nitrogen plant waste disposal waste management wastewater wastewater management wastewater treatment water

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