Air Pollution Modeling and Its Application IV

  • C. De Wispelaere

Part of the Nato — Challenges of Modern Society book series (NATS, volume 7)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. Parameterization of Transformation and Removal Processes in Air Quality Modeling

  3. Costal Meteorology Related to Air Pollution Modeling

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 223-223
    2. Leif Enger, Sven-Erik Gryning, Erik Lyck, Ulf Widemo
      Pages 295-310
    3. Warren B. Johnson, Edward E. Uthe, C. Ray Dickson, Gene Start, Richard L. Coulter, Robert A. Kornasiewicz
      Pages 311-326
    4. A. Ghobadian, A. J. H. Goddard, A. D. Gosman, W. Nixon
      Pages 343-357
  4. Lagrangian Modeling for Synoptic Range Transport

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 289-289
    2. Daniel Lavenu, Serge Legouis, Pierre Bessemoulin
      Pages 425-434
    3. Francis A. Schiermeier, Alan H. Huber, C. David Whiteman, K. Jerry Allwine
      Pages 435-451
  5. Atmospheric Experiments Pertinent to Air Quality Modeling

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 505-505
    2. P. H. Gudiksen, M. H. Dickerson, R. Lange, J. B. Knox
      Pages 507-528
    3. J. F. Clarke, J. K. S. Ching, T. L. Clark, N. C. Possiel
      Pages 529-548
    4. Torben Mikkelsen, Richard Eckman
      Pages 549-569
    5. B. Vanderborght, J. G. Kretzschmar
      Pages 571-584
    6. A. Groll, W. Kampe, H. Weber
      Pages 585-600
    7. G. Bonino, D. Anfossi, P. Bacci, A. Longhetto
      Pages 601-619
    8. Francis A. Schiermeier, Thomas F. Lavery, David G. Strimaitis, Akula Venkatram, Benjamin R. Greene, Bruce A. Egan
      Pages 637-647
  6. Practical Application Of Air Quality Modeling

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 649-649
    2. C. Cerutti, G. Clerici, S. Sandroni
      Pages 671-688
    3. R. Berkowicz, J. H. Baerentsen, A. B. Jensen, J. S. Markvorsen, L. B. Nielsen, H. R. Olsen et al.
      Pages 703-719
    4. D. Bruce Turner, John S. Irwin
      Pages 721-732
    5. G. Clerici, S. Sandroni, L. Santomauro
      Pages 745-758
  7. Back Matter
    Pages 801-818

About this book


In 1969 the North Atlantic Treaty Organization established the Committee on the Challenges of Modern Society. Air Pollution was from the start one of the priority problems under study within the framework of the pilot studies undertaken by this Committee. The organization of a yearly symposium dealing with air pollution modeling and its application is one of the main activities within the pilot study in relation to air pollution. After being organized for five years by the United States and for five years by the Federal Republic of Germany, Belgium, represented by the Prime Minister's Office for science Policy, became responsible in 1980 for the organization of this symposium. This volume contains the papers presented at the 14th Inter­ national Technical Meeting on Air Pollution Modeling and its Appli­ cation held in Copenhagen, Denmark, from 27th to 30th September 1983. This meeting was jointly organized by the Prime Minister's Office for Science Policy, Belgium, and the National Agency of Environmental Protection, Air Pollution Laboratory, Ris~ National Laboratory, Denmark. The conference was attended by 103 partici­ pants and 43 papers have been presented. The members of the se­ lection committee of the 14th I.T.M. were A. Berger (Chairman, Belgium), W. Klug (Federal Republic of Germany), K. Demerjian (United States of America), L. Santomauro (Italy), R. Van Dop (The Netherlands), R.E. Turner (Canada), C. De Wispelaere (Coordinator, Belgium).


Europe air pollution air quality chemistry emission environment experiment pollution transport

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