Electroweak Effects at High Energies

  • Harvey B. Newman

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xx
  2. Experiments at the Cern $$\bar{P}$$ P Collider

  3. The Weak Neutral Current: Fixed Target Experiments

    1. Lepton Nucleon Scattering

      1. R. E. Blair, A. Bodek, R. N. Coleman, D. Edwards, H. T. Edwards, O. D. Fackler et al.
        Pages 87-98
    2. Neutrino Electron Scattering

    3. Plenary Session on Neutrino Electron Scattering

      1. Klaus Winter
        Pages 141-155
  4. Electron Positron Interactions

    1. Experiments at Petra and PEP

      1. Gideon Bella
        Pages 157-169
      2. George B. Chadwick
        Pages 171-181
      3. Paul Grosse Wiesmann
        Pages 183-199
      4. J. G. Layter
        Pages 201-213
      5. G. Mikenberg
        Pages 215-225
      6. José Salicio
        Pages 271-285
    2. Plenary Session

      1. Albrecht Böhm
        Pages 293-316
  5. The Weak Charged Current

    1. Guido Altarelli
      Pages 317-328
    2. D. L. Kreinick
      Pages 361-374
    3. K. Kleinknecht
      Pages 375-398
  6. Polarized Beams

  7. Electron Proton Collisions

    1. K.-H. Mess
      Pages 459-475
  8. Standard Electroweak Theory and Phenomenology: A View Towards Higher Energies

  9. Extensions and Generalizations of the Standard Electroweak Picture

    1. R. E. Marshak
      Pages 525-536
    2. M. Roos
      Pages 537-550
  10. Composite Models

    1. Dieter Schildknecht
      Pages 551-569
    2. Harald Fritzsch
      Pages 571-586
  11. Special Topics in Gauge Theories

  12. Monopoles

  13. Proton Decay

    1. M. Rollier
      Pages 665-678
    2. F. J. Ynduráin
      Pages 679-685
  14. Selected Topics: On the Path to Tests of Grand Unified Therories

    1. B. Jonson, J. U. Andersen, G. J. Beyer, G. Charpak, A. De Rujula, B. Elbek et al.
      Pages 699-713
    2. Alfred K. Mann
      Pages 715-727
  15. Supersymmetry and Supergravity: Intermediate Mass Scales

    1. D. V. Nanopoulos
      Pages 729-757

About this book


The first Europhysics Study Conference on Electroweak Effects at High Energies was held at the "Ettore Majorana" Centre for Scientific Culture in Erice, Sicily from February 1 -12, 1983. The conference was attended by 61 physicists from 11 countries. The conference was sponsored by the European Physical Society, the Italian Ministry of Public Education, the Italian Ministry of Technological Research, the Sicilian Regional Government and the California Institute of Technology. CONFERENCE FORMAT The Study Conference followed a new intensive format in which the state of our knowledge of the electroweak interaction, and the relation of the electroweak sector to Grand Unified and Superunified Theories was reviewed in some depth. During the two week conference, 54 experimental and theoretical talks were presented, and four evening discussion sessions were held. The Erice surroundings, the wide-ranging conference program, and the fact that nearly all of the participants were directly involved in recent major experimental or theoretical developments, led to animated and very friendly discussions. Participants had the rare opportunity to view most of the major trends in high energy physics in a short interval of time, and to discuss and contemplate the trends in the uniquely peaceful yet stimulating atmosphere which is an Erice tradition.


cosmic ray electron electrons energy experiment fundamental interaction gauge theory gravity hadron oscillation physics quark radiation symmetry weak interaction

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