Plasmids in Bacteria

  • Donald R. Helinski
  • Stanley N. Cohen
  • Don B. Clewell
  • David A. Jackson
  • Alexander Hollaender

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xv
  2. Introduction

    1. Stanley N. Cohen, Donald R. Helinski
      Pages 1-2
  3. Structure and Evolution

    1. Naomi Datta
      Pages 3-16
    2. Rüdiger Schmitt
      Pages 17-19
    3. Werner Arber, Christian Sengstag, Patrick Caspers, Brian Dalrymple
      Pages 21-31
    4. Douglas E. Berg
      Pages 33-44
    5. Michael Chandler, David J. Galas
      Pages 53-77
    6. Rüdiger Schmitt, Sabine Mötsch, Peter Rogowsky, Fernando de la Cruz, John Grinsted
      Pages 79-91
    7. Simon Silver, John Pemberton, Kenji Sakaguchi
      Pages 117-118
  4. Replication, Incompatibility, and Partition

    1. Marcin Filutowicz, Michael McEachern, Alan Greener, Pradip Mukhopadhyay, Elliott Uhlenhopp, Ross Durland et al.
      Pages 125-140
    2. Jon M. Kaguni, LeRoy L. Bertsch, David Bramhill, James E. Flynn, Robert S. Fuller, Barbara Funnell et al.
      Pages 141-150
    3. Toshiki Tsurimoto, Haruhiko Kouhara, Kenichi Matsubara
      Pages 151-172
    4. Richard J. Meyer, Lung-Shen Lin, Kyunghoon Kim, Michael A. Brasch
      Pages 173-188
    5. Stuart Austin, Ann Abeles
      Pages 215-226
    6. David H. Figurski, Calvin Young, Helen C. Schreiner, Robert F. Pohlman, David H. Bechhofer, Alice S. Prince et al.
      Pages 227-241
    7. Peter Scholz, Volker Haring, Eberhard Scherzinger, Rudi Lurz, Miroslawa M. Bagdasarian, Heinz Schuster et al.
      Pages 243-259
    8. C. M. Thomas, C. A. Smith, V. Shingler, M. A. Cross, A. A. K. Hussain, M. Pinkney
      Pages 261-276
    9. R. H. Pritchard
      Pages 277-282
    10. H. John J. Nijkamp, Bob van Gemen, Marcel J. J. Hakkaart, Arnold J. van Putten, Eduard Veltkamp
      Pages 283-298
    11. Richard P. Novick, Steven J. Projan, C. Chandra Kumar, Stephen Carleton, Alexandra Gruss, Sarah K. Highlander et al.
      Pages 299-320
    12. Barry Polisky, Joseph Tamm, Tim Fitzwater
      Pages 321-333
    13. Robert H. Rownd, David D. Womble, Xin-nian Dong, Verne A. Luckow, Ru Ping Wu
      Pages 335-354
    14. Dhruba K. Chattoraj, Ann L. Abeles, Michael B. Yarmolinsky
      Pages 355-381
    15. Stanley N. Cohen, Christine A. Miller, William T. Tucker, Peter A. Meacock, Peter Gustafsson
      Pages 383-395
    16. D. Bastia, C. Vocke, J. Germino, J. Gray
      Pages 397-414
    17. Teruko Nakazawa, Sachiye Inouye, Atsushi Nakazawa
      Pages 415-429
  5. Plasmid Transfer

    1. Neil Willetts, Don B. Clewell
      Pages 431-432
    2. John S. Chapman, Bruce C. Carlton
      Pages 453-467
    3. Sota Hiraga, Teru Ogura, Hirotada Mori, Masafumi Tanaka
      Pages 469-487
    4. Amikam Cohen, Zipora Silberstein, Shimshon Broido, Avraham Laban
      Pages 505-519
    5. Donald G. Guiney, Gary Chikami, Cornelia Deiss, Emanuel Yakobson
      Pages 521-534
    6. Susan Laine, Deanna Moore, Pushpa Kathir, Karin Ippen-Ihler
      Pages 535-553
    7. C. Jeffrey Smith, Melissa C. Liechty, Jeanette L. Rasmussen, Francis L. Macrina
      Pages 555-570
    8. B. M. Wilkins, L. K. Chatfield, C. C. Wymbs, A. Merryweather
      Pages 585-603
    9. Phil Mullineaux, Neil Willetts
      Pages 605-614
    10. D. A. Hopwood, D. J. Lydiate, F. Malpartida, H. M. Wright
      Pages 615-634
  6. Specialized Functions, Structure, and Evolution

    1. P. M. Rabinovich, M. Ya. Haykinson, L. S. Arutyunova, Yu. V. Yomantas, A. I. Stepanov
      Pages 635-656
    2. A. A. Lushnikov, E. A. Andreevskaya, L. I. Lukashova, J. B. Lobach, I. V. Domaradskij
      Pages 657-662
    3. J. Collins, C. Hershberger
      Pages 663-665
    4. D. Ghosal, I.-S. You, D. K. Chatterjee, A. M. Chakrabarty
      Pages 667-686
    5. Patricia Barrineau, Pearce Gilbert, W. James Jackson, Cheryl S. Jones, Anne O. Summers, Sonya Wisdom
      Pages 707-718

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