Shock Waves in Condensed Matter

  • Y. M. Gupta

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  2. Plenary

  3. Equation of State

    1. R. G. Dandrea, N. W. Ashcroft
      Pages 57-69
    2. G. I. Kerley, A. C. Switendick
      Pages 95-100
    3. P. J. Haskins, M. D. Cook
      Pages 113-118
    4. M. Ross, H. K. Mao, P. M. Bell, J. A. Xu
      Pages 131-134
    5. J. R. Asay, L. C. Chhabildas, G. I. Kerley, T. G. Trucano
      Pages 145-149
    6. Masatake Yoshida, Shyuzo Fujiwara, Masao Kusakabe
      Pages 175-178
    7. C. E. Anderson, J. S. Wilbeck, J. C. Hokanson, J. R. Asay, D. E. Grady, R. A. Graham et al.
      Pages 185-190
  4. Optical Studies

    1. N. C. Holmes, W. J. Nellis, W. B. Graham, G. E. Walrafen
      Pages 191-200
    2. Mary L. Johnson, Malcolm Nicol, Neil C. Holmes
      Pages 201-206
    3. D. S. Moore, S. C. Schmidt, J. W. Shaner, D. L. Shampine, W. T. Holt
      Pages 207-211
    4. G. E. Duvall, R. H. Granholm, P. M. Bellamy, J. E. Hegland
      Pages 213-219
    5. Stephen F. Agnew, Basil I. Swanson, Douglas G. Eckhart
      Pages 221-229
    6. John C. Dallman
      Pages 231-235
    7. A. M. Renlund, S. A. Sheffield, W. M. Trott
      Pages 237-242
    8. B. L. Justus, A. L. Huston, A. J. Campillo
      Pages 249-254
    9. A. Ng, D. Parfeniuk, P. Celliers, L. DaSilva
      Pages 255-260
    10. Douglas Schmitt, Bob Svendsen, Thomas J. Ahrens
      Pages 261-265
  5. Mechanical Properties (Micromechanical Aspects)

    1. Paul A. Taylor, Brian W. Dodson
      Pages 287-292
    2. R. B. Stout, G. D. Anderson
      Pages 293-297
    3. D. S. Drumheller, D. E. Grady
      Pages 309-313
    4. Marc A. Meyers, Shinhou Kuriyama
      Pages 321-327
    5. L. G. Margolin, Barham W. Smith, G. P. DeVault
      Pages 329-333
  6. Mechanical Properties (Macroscopic Aspects)

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The Fourth American Physical Society Topical Conference on Shock Waves in Condensed Matter was held in Spokane, Washington, July 22-25, 1985. Two hundred and fifty scientists and engineers representing thirteen countries registered at the conference. The countries represented included the United States of America, Australia, Canada, The People's Repub­ lic of China, France, India, Israel, Japan, Republic of China (Taiwan), United Kingdom, U. S. S. R, Switzerland and West Germany. One hundred and sixty-two technical papers, cov­ ering recent developments in shock wave and high pressure physics, were presented. All of the abstracts have been published in the September 1985 issue of the Bulletin of the American Physical Society. The topical conferences, held every two years since 1979, have become the principal forum for shock wave studies in condensed materials. Both formal and informal technical discussions regarding recent developments conveyed a sense of excitement. Consistent with the past conferences, the purpose of this conference was to bring together scientists and engineers studying the response of condensed matter to dynamic high pressures and temperatures. Papers covering experimental, theoretical, and numerical studies of con­ densed matter properties were presented. A noteworthy feature of this conference was the participation by several leading scientists engaged in static high pressure research. Donald Curran served as the Master of Ceremonies at the conference banquet, which was at­ tended by two hundred and seventy-five conference participants and guests including Dr. Samuel Smith, the new President of Washington State University. Dr.


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