Molecular Mechanisms of Membrane Fusion

  • Shinpei Ohki
  • Darrell Doyle
  • Thomas D. Flanagan
  • Sek Wen Hui
  • Eric Mayhew

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-ix
  2. Demetrios Papahadjopoulos, Paul R. Meers, Keelung Hong, Joel D. Ernst, Ira M. Goldstein, Nejat Düzgünes
    Pages 1-16
  3. P. R. Cullis, M. J. Hope
    Pages 37-51
  4. D. P. Siegel, H. Ellens, J. Bentz
    Pages 53-71
  5. C. J. van Oss, M. K. Chaudhury, R. J. Good
    Pages 113-122
  6. David Collins, Leaf Huang
    Pages 149-161
  7. Jack A. Lucy, Quet F. Ahkong
    Pages 163-179
  8. W. Almers, L. J. Breckenridge
    Pages 197-208
  9. Ulrich Zimmermann
    Pages 209-222
  10. Arthur E. Sowers, Veena Kapoor
    Pages 237-254
  11. Klaus Arnold, Andreas Herrmann, Klaus Gawrisch, Lothar Pratsch
    Pages 255-272
  12. Robert A. Schlegel, Patrick Williamson
    Pages 289-301
  13. S. W. Hui, D. A. Stenger, S. K. Huang
    Pages 303-316
  14. Francis C. Szoka Jr., Nanda K. Subbarao, Roberta A. Parente
    Pages 317-324
  15. Harvey B. Pollard, Eduardo Rojas, A. Lee Burns, Claudio Parra
    Pages 341-355
  16. Shun-ichi Ohnishi, Masayuki Murata
    Pages 357-366
  17. Robert W. Doms, Ari Helenius
    Pages 385-398
  18. Dick Hoekstra, Karin Klappe, Toon Stegmann, Shlomo Nir
    Pages 399-412
  19. Anne M. Haywood
    Pages 427-440
  20. Shlomo Nir, Toon Stegmann, Dick Hoekstra, Jan Wilschut
    Pages 451-465
  21. Helmut Plattner, Christine J. Lumpert, Ute Gras, Jeannine Vilmart-Seuwen, Brigitte Stecher, Barbara Höhne et al.
    Pages 477-494
  22. Birgit H. Satir, Timothy J. Murtaugh
    Pages 513-520
  23. John R. Silvius, Rania Leventis, Pamela M. Brown
    Pages 531-542
  24. Nejat Düzgünes, Theresa M. Allen, Jane Fedora, Demetrios Papahadjopoulos
    Pages 543-555
  25. Back Matter
    Pages 567-588

About this book


Membrane fusion is an important molecular event which plays a pivotal role in many dynamic cellular processes, such as exocytosis, endocytosis, membrane biogenesis, fertilization, etc. While many reports on the physico-chem1cal process involved in membrane fusion have appeared in the literature and much information has accumulated, there has been no comprehensiv~ meeting of workers in the field. A recent symposium which took place at the Center for Tomorrow, State University of New York at Buffalo, New York, April 27-29, 1987, was the first meeting of its kind to specifically address the molecular mechanisms of membrane fusion. The Symposium consisted of oral, workshop and poster presentation sessions. The papers presented in the oral and workshop sessions are collected here and arranged approximately in the order presented at the Symposium. These papers are the most up-to-date and representative work at the for front of each aspect of membrane fusion. Although the readers may find some differences in interpretations regarding the molecular mechanisms of membrane fusion, there is an over­ all concensus that increased hydrophobicity and dehydration of the membrane surface are essential physico-chemical factors for membrane fusion to occur. We trust that these papers will contribute to your further understanding of the mechanisms of membrane fusion.


Viruses Vivo biomembrane cell cell membrane cellular processes enzyme glycoprotein influence liposomes membrane molecular mechanisms protein regulation topology

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