Lipid Storage Disorders

Biological and Medical Aspects

  • Robert Salvayre
  • Louis Douste-Blazy
  • Shimon Gatt
Conference proceedings

Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSA, volume 150)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvii
  2. Lysosomal Storage Diseases

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. β-glucosidases and Gaucher diseases

      1. E. Beutler, J. Sorge, A. Zimran, C. West, W. Kuhl, B. Westwood et al.
        Pages 19-27
      2. Brian M. Martin, Shoji Tsuji, Mary E. LaMarca, Kara Maysak, William Eliason, Edward I. Ginns
        Pages 41-50
      3. S. Van Weely, J. M. F. G. Aerts, M. Van Leeuwen, M. E. Peterson, J. Goldblatt, J. M. Tager et al.
        Pages 51-56
      4. A. Maret, R. Salvayre, M. Potier, G. Legler, G. Beauregard, L. Douste-Blazy
        Pages 57-61
      5. Barbara A. Butcher, Robert E. Lee, Alakananda Basu, Robert H. Glew
        Pages 73-82
      6. M. C. Sa Miranda, R. Pinto, A. W. Schram, J. M. Tager, J. M. F. G. Aerts, J. A. Barranger
        Pages 83-88
      7. Helen Christomanou, Annemarie Aignesberger, Norbert Herschkowitz, Ulrich N. Wiesmann
        Pages 89-95
      8. J. C. Turpin, G. Dubois, A. Brice, M. Masson, M. C. Nadaud, J. M. Boutry et al.
        Pages 103-105
    3. Sphingomyelinase and Niemann-Pick disease types A and B

    4. Niemann-Pick disease types C and D

      1. Jean-Claude Mazière, Cécile Mazière, Liliana Mora, Gisèle Dubois, Martine Auclair, Alice Lageron et al.
        Pages 187-192
      2. Shutish C. Patel, Peter G. Pentchev, Howard S. Kruth, Margaret L. Grunnet, Sundar Suresh
        Pages 193-200
      3. M. W. Spence, H. W. Cook, J. K. Burgess
        Pages 201-212
    5. β-hexosaminidases and GM2-gangliosidoses

      1. Kousaku Ohno, Michele Muscillo, Takeshi Nakano, Kunihiko Suzuki
        Pages 215-223
      2. T. Izumi, Y. Fukuyama, A. Tsuji, T. Yamanaka, Y. Hirabayashi, Y. Suzuki
        Pages 237-245
      3. Antonio Federico, Silvia Palmeri, Luciana Mangano, Mauro Mondelli, Alessandro Rossi, Giancarlo Guazzi
        Pages 253-258
    6. Other lysosomal enzymes and storage diseases

      1. Mayada Tassabehji, Colin H. Wynn
        Pages 261-265
      2. R. Dall’Amico, A. Fassina, A. Camolese, M. Pernechele, S. Naia, G. Panin et al.
        Pages 273-278
      3. P. Persici, S. Guazzi, R. Gatti, P. J. Willems, J. S. O’Brien, G. Romeo et al.
        Pages 295-303
      4. Lorraine Michaud, Guy Beauregard, Ana-Maria Cobo, Josée Gagnon, Michel Potier
        Pages 305-314
      5. Anne Nègre, Nelly Livni, Arlette Maret, Louis Douste-Blazy, Robert Salvayre
        Pages 315-319
    7. Activators and related pathologies

      1. Ernst Conzelmann, Mary Lee-Vaupel, Konrad Sandhoff
        Pages 323-332
      2. David A. Wenger, Xun-ling Zhang, Thomas A. d’Amato, Nazneen Dewji, John S. O’Brien
        Pages 337-345
      3. Anna Maria Vaccaro, Michele Muscillo, Rosa Salvioli, Massimo Tatti, Elisabetta Gallozzi
        Pages 347-352
  3. Peroxisomes and Peroxisomal Disorders

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 359-359
    2. François Van Hoof, Jean-Pierre Draye, Joseph Vamecq
      Pages 361-367
    3. Amiya K. Hajra, Arun K. Das, Keith O. Webber, Ronald G. Holmes, Golder N. Wilson
      Pages 369-380
    4. S. Brul, E. A. C. Wiemer, A. Strijland, H. S. A. Heymans, R. B. H. Schutgens, H. Van Den Bosch et al.
      Pages 381-387
    5. Winston W. Chen, Gerald Hoefler, Paul A. Watkins
      Pages 389-394

About these proceedings


This book presents the proceedings of the meeting on "Lipid Storage Disorders" which took place in Toulouse, France, in September 14-18, 1987 and which was set up as a joint NATO Advanced Research Workshop and INSERM International Symposium. The meeting probably was the first truly international symposium devoted entirely to basic as well as applied aspects of lipid metabolism as related to the lipid storage disorders. Participants came from Europe, USA, Israel and Japan, and presented data on research in molecular biology and genetics, enzymology, cell biology as well as medical and epidemiological aspects of normal and pathological lipid metabolism. In the latter case, special attention was directed to the lysosomal B-glucosidase in relation to Gaucher disease and to sphin­ gomyelinase in relation to Niemann-Pick disease, and "two round" table discussions were devoted to the two respective items. But research on many other lipidoses was presented, as lectures or posters and avidly discussed. Other topics presented in special sessions were drug induced lipidoses and peroxisomal disorders. The meeting ended with a session devoted to medical aspects of disorders of lipid metabolism. The symposium which included about 50 lectures and close to 70 posters had an intense scientific character superimposed on a most pleasant and collegial atmosphere. Ample time was provided to personal discussions ; lodging of the participants in the students' residence located near the meeting place, permitted further contacts between them.


biology cell cell biology cell culture enzyme fish genes genetics metabolism molecular biology pathology plant protein tissue

Editors and affiliations

  • Robert Salvayre
    • 1
  • Louis Douste-Blazy
    • 1
  • Shimon Gatt
    • 2
  1. 1.Paul Sabatier UniversityToulouseFrance
  2. 2.Hebrew University—Hadassah School of MedicineJerusalemIsrael

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