Advanced Dam Engineering for Design, Construction, and Rehabilitation

  • Editors
  • Robert B. Jansen

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-ix
  2. Robert B. Jansen
    Pages 1-7
  3. Laurence B. James, Robert B. Jansen, George A. Kiersch, Thomas M. Leps
    Pages 8-59
  4. Catalino B. Cecilio, Arlen D. Feldman, Llewellyn L. Cross
    Pages 60-105
  5. Arthur B. Arnold, Laurence B. James, George A. Kiersch, Alan L. O’Neill
    Pages 106-152
  6. Bruce A. Bolt
    Pages 153-171
  7. Timothy P. Dolen, Claude A. Fetzer, Robert B. Jansen, Paul C. Knodel, Ernest K. Schrader, Lloyd O. Timblin Jr.
    Pages 172-218
  8. Claude A. Fetzer, Edwin Paul Swatek Jr.
    Pages 219-238
  9. I. M. Idriss, James Michael Duncan
    Pages 239-255
  10. Robert B. Jansen, Richard W. Kramer, John Lowe III, Steve J. Poulos
    Pages 256-320
  11. Claude A. Fetzer, William F. Swiger, Richard W. Kramer
    Pages 321-353
  12. Claude A. Fetzer, Richard W. Kramer, William F. Swiger, Jack G. Wulff
    Pages 354-367
  13. Thomas M. Leps
    Pages 368-387
  14. Thomas M. Leps
    Pages 409-415
  15. Anil K. Chopra
    Pages 416-465
  16. Charles F. Corns, Glenn S. Tarbox, Ernest K. Schrader
    Pages 466-492
  17. Howard L. Boggs, Glenn S. Tarbox, Robert B. Jansen
    Pages 493-539
  18. Ernest K. Schrader, William F. Swiger
    Pages 540-577
  19. Charles F. Corns, Giovanni Lombardi, Robert B. Jansen
    Pages 578-608
  20. John Lowe III, Richard P. Regan, Nelson L. de S. Pinto, E. Thomas Scherich, Ernest K. Schrader
    Pages 609-646
  21. Philip H. Burgi, Edward W. Gray, Nelson L. de S. Pinto, Richard P. Regan, Peter G. Grey, David L. Hinchliff et al.
    Pages 647-685
  22. Robert B. Jansen, E. Thomas Scherich, Richard P. Regan
    Pages 686-703
  23. Philip H. Burgi, Robert B. Jansen, Richard P. Regan, E. Thomas Scherich, Ernest K. Schrader
    Pages 704-721
  24. Laurence B. James, George A. Kiersch
    Pages 722-750
  25. Lynn R. Carpenter, J. David Lytle, Dewayne L. Misterek, Bruce C. Murray, Jerome M. Raphael
    Pages 751-776
  26. Lloyd A. Duscha, Robert B. Jansen
    Pages 777-797
  27. Back Matter
    Pages 798-809

About this book


The present state of the art of dam engineering has been ronmental, and political factors, which, though important, attained by a continuous search for new ideas and methods are covered in other publications. while incorporating the lessons of the past. In the last 20 The rapid progress in recent times has resulted from the years particularly there have been major innovations, due combined efforts of engineers and associated scientists, as largely to a concerted effort to blend the best of theory and exemplified by the authorities who have contributed to this practice. Accompanying these achievements, there has been book. These individuals have brought extensive knowledge a significant trend toward free interchange among the pro­ to the task, drawn from experience throughout the world. fessional disciplines, including open discussion of prob­ With the convergence of such distinguished talent, the op­ lems and their solutions. The inseparable relationships of portunity for accomplishment was substantial. I gratefully hydrology, geology, and seismology to engineering have acknowledge the generous cooperation of these writers, and been increasingly recognized in this field, where progress am indebted also to other persons and organizations that is founded on interdisciplinary cooperation. have allowed reference to their publications; and I have This book presents advances in dam engineering that attempted to acknowledge this obligation in the sections have been achieved in recent years or are under way. At­ where the material is used. These courtesies are deeply ap­ tention is given to practical aspects of design, construction, preciated.


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