Trace Elements in Man and Animals 6

  • Lucille S. Hurley
  • Carl L. Keen
  • Bo Lönnerdal
  • Robert B. Rucker

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxv
  2. Selenium

    1. Orville A. Levander
      Pages 1-5
    2. C. Murphy, B. Golden, D. Ramdath, M. Golden
      Pages 11-12
    3. M. Tolonen, M. Halme, S. Sarna, T. Westermarck, U.-R. Nordberg, W. Bayer
      Pages 19-20
    4. Roger A. Sunde, Simon A. B. Knight, Troy W. Geyman, Jacqueline K. Evenson
      Pages 21-22
  3. Electron Transport and Metalloproteins

    1. Charles M. Lieber, Jennifer L. Karas, Stephen L. Mayo, Andrew W. Axup, Michael Albin, R. J. Crutchley et al.
      Pages 23-27
    2. David Whitford, David W. Concar, Yuan Gao, Gary J. Pielak, Robert J. P. Williams
      Pages 29-34
    3. D. Petering, S. Krezoski, J. Villalobos, C. F. Shaw III
      Pages 35-36
    4. James N. Morrison, Anne M. Wood, Ian Bremner
      Pages 41-42
  4. Trace Elements and Endocrine/Exocrine Function: Mn, Zn, Se

    1. Murray Korc, Patsy M. Brannon
      Pages 43-47
    2. W. S. Watson, G. McLauchlan, T. D. B. Lyon, I. Pattie, G. P. Crean
      Pages 51-52
    3. D. Behne, H. Gessner, H. Hilmert, S. Scheid
      Pages 55-57
  5. Chelation and Other Vehicles for Therapy

    1. C. Hershko, G. Link, A. Pinson, S. Sarel, S. Grisaru, Y. Hasin et al.
      Pages 67-71
    2. D. H. Petering, S. Krezoski, D. Lehn, D. Stone, H. Loomans
      Pages 75-76
    3. Diane E. Furniss, Jacques Vuichoud, Paul-André Finot, Richard F. Hurrell
      Pages 77-79
    4. H. Spencer, S. K. Agrawal, S. J. Sontag, D. Osis
      Pages 81-83
  6. Trace Elements and Immune Function

    1. M. Eric Gershwin, Carl L. Keen, Mark P. Fletcher, Lucille S. Hurley
      Pages 85-90
    2. Knut Moksnes, Hans Jørgen Larsen, Gunnar Øvernes
      Pages 91-93
    3. Neville Suttle, David Knox, Frank Jackson
      Pages 101-102
  7. Trace Elements and Endocrine/Exocrine Function: Cu, Ca, I

    1. Joseph R. Prohaska, Karen L. DeLuca
      Pages 109-111
    2. Michael A. Dubick, Adhip P. N. Majumdar
      Pages 113-114
    3. Sam J. Bhathena, Bruce W. Kennedy, Patricia Marsh, Meira Fields, Nadav Zamir
      Pages 115-116
    4. Meira Fields, Charles G. Lewis, Todd Beal, James C. Smith, Sheldon Reiser
      Pages 117-118
    5. Hans-Peter Roth, Manfred Kirchgessner
      Pages 119-120
  8. Mechanisms of Trace Element Transport

    1. M. Brandt, C. L. Keen, D. E. Ash, V. L. Schramm
      Pages 125-128
    2. Cornelis J. A. Van den Hamer
      Pages 129-133
    3. Edward D. Harris, Charles T. Dameron
      Pages 135-137
    4. Harry J. McArdle, Sharon M. Gross, David M. Danks
      Pages 139-140
    5. Maria C. Linder, Kathryn C. Weiss, Vu Minh Hai
      Pages 141-144
    6. G. L. Waldrop, F. Palida, M. Hadi, P. Lonergan, M. Ettinger
      Pages 145-146
  9. Epidemiological Studies of Trace Element Nutrition in Man and Animals

    1. Dorothy McMaster, A. E. Evans, Evelyn McCrum, M. McF. Kerr, C. C. Patterson, A. H. G. Love
      Pages 161-162

About this book


This book is the published proceedings of the Sixth International Symposium on Trace Element Metabolism in Man and Animals. The Symposium was held at the Asilomar Conference Center in Pacific Grove, California, U.S.A. from May 31 through June 5, 1987. The decision to hold TEMA-6 at Asilomar was made at TEMA-5 in 1985. The International Guidance Committee decided to hold the meeting in California in part to recognize the significant cont~i­ butions made to the field of trace element metabolism by Professor Lucille S. Hurley. As such, she was the obvious choice as chair of the local organ­ izing committee. One of the principal goals of Professor Hurley was that TEMA-6 serve as a forum for discussing the use and application of newer methodologies, such as molecular biology, computer modelling and stable isotopes, in studies of trace element metabolism. Based on the comments which the local organizing committee has received, this goal was achieved. The Symposium was attended by 275 scientists from 32 countries covering 6 continents. Twenty-five speakers were chosen for our plenary sessions.


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