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Crystal Growth in Science and Technology

  • H. Arend
  • J. Hulliger

Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSB, volume 210)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-viii
  2. Boyan Mutaftschiev
    Pages 27-48
  3. D. Aquilano
    Pages 49-67
  4. J. J. Favier, D. Camel
    Pages 69-105
  5. Franz Rosenberger
    Pages 107-118
  6. William R. Wilcox
    Pages 119-132
  7. Dennis Elwell
    Pages 133-142
  8. R. Kern
    Pages 143-165
  9. M. E. Glicksman
    Pages 167-183
  10. B. Březina, J. Fousek
    Pages 185-195
  11. R. J. Davey
    Pages 217-224
  12. H. Arend
    Pages 225-230
  13. E. Kaldis
    Pages 231-238
  14. Ichiro Sunagawa
    Pages 253-266
  15. D. C. Bassett
    Pages 267-273
  16. R. S. Feigelson
    Pages 275-302

About this book


Science and art of crystal growth represent an interdisciplinary activity based on fundamental principles of physics, chemistry and crystallography. Crystal growth has contributed over the years essentially to a widening of knowledge in its basic disciplines and has penetrated practically into all fields of experimental natural sciences. It has acted, more over, in a steadily increasing manner as a link between science and technology as can be seen best, for example, from the achievements in modern microelectronics. The aim of the course "Crystal Growth in Science and Technology" being to stress the interdisciplinary character of the subject, selected fundamental principles are reviewed in the following contributions and cross links between basic and applied aspects are illustrated. It is a very well-known fact that the intensive development of crystal growth has led to a progressive narrowing of interests in highly specialized directions which is in particular harmful to young research scientists. The organizers of the course did sincerely hope that the program would help to broaden up the horizon of the participants. It was equally their wish to contribute within the traditional spirit of the school of crystallography in Erice to the promotion of mutual understanding, personal friendship and future collaboration between all those who were present at the school.


Epitaxy Helium-Atom-Streuung Metall Natur crystal crystallography liquid natural science polymer polymers semiconductors technology

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