Respiratory Control

A Modeling Perspective

  • George D. Swanson
  • Fred S. Grodins
  • Richard L. Hughson

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xv
  2. Introductory Address: Oxford and Yale Physiologists in Colorado in 1911

  3. Respiratory Control and Gas Exchange Kinetics During Exercise

    1. David J. Paterson, Peter A. Robbins, James Conway, Piers C. G. Nye
      Pages 11-20
    2. Y. Miyamoto, K. Niizeki, T. Sugawara, Y. Nakazono, K. Kawahara, M. Mussell
      Pages 43-52
    3. Tsuguo Morikawa, Yoshikazu Sakakibara, Yoshiyuki Honda
      Pages 53-62
    4. K. B. Saunders, C. P. Patil, M. S. Jacobi
      Pages 71-80
    5. Richard Jeyaranjan, Robert Goode, James Duffin
      Pages 81-90
    6. Brian. J. Whipp, Norman Lamarra, Susan A. Ward, James A. Davis, Karlman Wasserman
      Pages 91-99
    7. Yoshiharu Yamamoto, Kouichi Mokushi, Shinichi Tamura, Yoshiteru Mutoh, Mitsumasa Miyashita
      Pages 101-109
    8. Duane L. Sherrill, George D. Swanson
      Pages 121-130
    9. R. L. Hughson, D. A. Winter, A. E. Patla, J. E. Cochrane, L. A. Cuervo, G. D. Swanson
      Pages 131-135
    10. J. E. Cochrane, R. L. Hughson, P. C. Murphy
      Pages 147-153
    11. Norman Lamarra, Susan A. Ward, Brian J. Whipp
      Pages 155-164
    12. J. W. Reed, L. Parker
      Pages 165-170
    13. Donald H. Paterson, David A. Cunningham, Mark A. Babcock
      Pages 171-178
    14. Richard L. Hughson, George D. Swanson
      Pages 179-190
  4. Respiratory Control During Altered Gas Mixtures

    1. Yoshiyuki Honda, Ikko Hashizume, Hiroshi Kimura, John Severinghaus
      Pages 201-205
    2. C. Boetger Mann, K. A. Aqleh, D. S. Ward
      Pages 217-223
    3. Yoshio Ohyabu, Ihoko Ohyabu, Akio Usami, Yoshiyuki Honda
      Pages 225-234
    4. J. F. Bertholon, M. Eugene, E. Labeyrie, A. Teillac
      Pages 235-244
    5. D. S. Ward, J. De Goede, A. Berkenbosch
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    8. R. Herczynski, P. A. Robbins
      Pages 285-297
    9. M. J. Mussell, Y. Miyamoto, Y. Nakazono
      Pages 299-307
  5. Breathing Patterns and Neural Factors

    1. Lynn M. Ackerson, Richard H. Jones, Eugene N. Bruce
      Pages 309-316
    2. Steven A. Shea, Richard L. Horner, Gila Benchetrit, Abraham Guz
      Pages 337-341
    3. C. P. Patil, K. B. Saunders, B. McA. Sayers
      Pages 343-352
    4. A. Hugelin, J.-F. Vibert
      Pages 353-359
    5. Yoshio Nakamura, Yoshiharu Yamamoto, Kimitaka Nakazawa
      Pages 369-378
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    9. Kenji Sasaki, Hans-L. Hahn, Jay A. Nadel
      Pages 423-429
    10. Mamoru Aoki, Yutaka Fujito, Isao Kosaka, Nobuyoshi Kobayashi
      Pages 451-459

About this book


The fourth Oxford Conference entitled "Control of Breathing: A Model ing Perspective" was held in September of 1988 at Grand Lake, Colorado. Grand Lake, also called Spirit Lake, was chosen for the fourth meet i ng so as to continue the meditative atmosphere of the previ ous meetings and to put the conference on a new higher plane (8,500 feet). The weather, as promised, exhibited its random-like rain showers. The snow report became essential for traveling the 12,000 foot passes to and from Grand Lake. Even the servi ces such as telephone and elect ri city proved to be uncertain. In all, the overall atmosphere of Spirit Lake contributed to an uninhibited free-style of presentation and interaction. All of us who attend the Oxford Conferences share a common interest in exploring respiratory control and the regulation of breathing. Modeling has become an adjunct to our exploration process. For us, models are tools that extend our ability to conceptualize just as instruments are tools that extend our ability to measure. And so these meetings attract physicians, physiologists, mathematicians and engineers who are modelers and modelers who are engineers, mathematicians, physiologists and physicians. Four of these physician-modelers have now passed away. They have been very important mentors for many of us. J. W. Bellville was my Ph.D. dissertation advisor at Stanford who introduced me to the intrigue of respiratory control. G. F. Filley was my colleague at the University of Colorado who enhanced my thinking about respiratory control. E. S.


Multivariat gas exchange kinetics respiration

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