GLUCAGON: Its Role in Physiology and Clinical Medicine

  • Piero P. Foà
  • Jasbir S. Bajaj
  • Naomi L. Foà

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xli
  2. Ontogeny of the A Cell and the Morphology of Glucagon Release

    1. Front Matter
      Pages n1-n1
    2. T. A. I. Grillo, D. L. Baxter-Grillo
      Pages 1-22
    3. J.-L. Carpentier, F. Malaisse-Lagae, W. Müller, L. Orci
      Pages 23-30
  3. Biosynthesis, Nature and Sites of Origin of Pancreatic Glucagon and of Glucagon-Like Immunoreactive Materials

    1. Front Matter
      Pages n2-n2
    2. J. B. Jaspan, A. H-J. Huen, B. Gonen, A. H. Rubenstein
      Pages 93-112
    3. T. Matsuyama, R. Tanaka, K. Shima, K. Nonaka, S. Tarui, M. Nishikawa et al.
      Pages 113-127
    4. A. J. Moody, H. Jacobsen, F. Sundby, E. K. Frandsen, D. Baetens, L. Orci
      Pages 129-135
    5. J. M. Conlon, K. D. Buchanan, R. F. Murphy
      Pages 137-141
    6. S. Hojvat, L. Kirsteins, J. Kisla, V. Paloyan, A. M. Lawrence
      Pages 143-155
    7. J. C. Dunbar, H. Silverman, E. Kirman, P. P. Foà
      Pages 157-166
    8. P. J. Lefèbvre, A. S. Luyckx
      Pages 167-176
  4. Secretion of Pancreatic Glucagon

    1. Front Matter
      Pages n3-n3
    2. J. P. Ashby, R. N. Speake
      Pages 177-183
    3. V. Leclercq-Meyer, J. Marchand, W. J. Malaisse
      Pages 185-213
    4. G. M. Grodsky, I. Lundquist, R. Fanska, R. Pictet
      Pages 215-230
    5. C.-G. Östenson, A. Andersson, S. E. Brolin, B. Petersson, C. Hellerström
      Pages 243-254
  5. Mode of Action of Glucagon

  6. Metabolic Effects and Physiologic Role of Glucagon

    1. Front Matter
      Pages n5-n5
    2. M. S. Ayuso-Parrilla, R. Parrilla
      Pages 437-458
    3. R. Parrilla, A. Martin-Requero, J. Perez-Diaz, M. S. Ayuso-Parrilla
      Pages 459-485
    4. G. F. Cahill Jr., T. T. Aoki
      Pages 487-494
    5. R. P. Eaton
      Pages 533-550
    6. J. R. Girard, P. Ferre, A. Kervran, J. P. Pegorier, R. Assan
      Pages 563-581
    7. J. S. Bajaj, K. D. Buchanan
      Pages 583-593
  7. Role of Glucagon in Diabetes Mellitus, in Prediabetes and in Other Disease States

    1. Front Matter
      Pages n6-n6
    2. R. Sherwin, P. Felig
      Pages 595-605
    3. K. D. Buchanan, E. R. Trimble
      Pages 607-615
    4. P. Raskin, C. B. Srikant, H. Nakabayashi, R. E. Dobbs, R. H. Unger
      Pages 643-650
    5. D. J. Chisholm, F. P. Alford
      Pages 651-661
    6. K. Nonaka, H. Toyoshima, T. Yoshida, T. Matsuyama, S. Tarui, M. Nishikawa
      Pages 663-677

About these proceedings


The growing interest in glucagon. almost universal among diabetologists. made the decision to hold a satellite symposium immediately after the IX Congress of the International Diabetes Federation easy. indeed almost unavoidable. The climate. the beauty of its uniquely picturesque canals and houseboats. of its lakes and its mountains and above all. the friendliness of its people made the choice of Sri nagar equally easy. Problems of transportation and housing which appeared of Himalayan proportions from thousands of miles away were resolved with deceptive ease: as if the late autumn sun of New Delhi and Sri nagar had melted the snow that already covered many areas of the United States. For this. we thank the Executive Council and the Scientific Program Advisory Committee of the Congress. the Chairman and Co-Chairman of the local committee, Drs. Ali Mohammed Jan and S. N. Ahmed Shah; the Organizing Secretary, Dr. Syed Zahoor Ahmed; the joint Secretary, Dr. M. Y. Alvi; the Secretary of the Scientific Session. S. N. Dhar and the other committee members, Drs. G. Q. Allaqband, Wm. Riberio, Girja Dhar, J. A. Naqashbandi and Messrs. D. P. Zutshi, K. Amla and Ajit Singh. We are deeply grateful to His Excellency Sheikh Abdullah, Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir for his interest in the symposium and for the unforgettable hospitality offered in the name of his people. The suggestions, criticism and understanding of many colleagues helped us select topics and speakers for a representative rather than a comprehensive program.


ATP Amino acid Calcium Glucagon Lipid Nucleotide Regulation Role of Glucagon in Physiology metabolism physiology

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