The Biomedical Laser

Technology and Clinical Applications

  • Leon Goldman

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiv
  2. The Laser: A Revolution in Medical Care

    1. Leon Goldman
      Pages 1-5
    2. Leon Goldman
      Pages 7-10
    3. David H. Sliney
      Pages 11-24
  3. Laser Uses in Biology

    1. M. W. Berns, M. Kitzes, P. A. McNeill, S. P. Peterson, K. Strahs, J. B. Rattner et al.
      Pages 55-68
    2. A. Andreoni, A. Longoni, C. A. Sacchi, O. Svelto
      Pages 69-83
  4. Surgery: The Laser—From Incision to Wound Closure

    1. Leon Goldman, Edward Perry
      Pages 85-88
    2. Helmut F. Schellhas
      Pages 99-106
    3. Byron J. Masterson
      Pages 107-115
    4. Maurice B. Landers III, Myron L. Wolbarsht
      Pages 117-133
    5. Charles E. Riva, Gilbert T. Feke
      Pages 135-161
    6. James P. Fidler
      Pages 199-218
    7. P. W. Ascher, F. Heppner
      Pages 219-227
    8. Richard M. Dwyer
      Pages 255-269
  5. Medicine: The Laser in Diagnosis and in the Promotion of Healing

  6. The Future

  7. Back Matter
    Pages 331-342

About this book


The laser's range of application is extraordinary. Arthur Schawlow says, "What instrument can shuck a bucket of oysters, correct typing errors, fuse atoms, lay a straight line for a garden bed, repair detached retinas, and drill holes in dia­ monds?"O The laser's specifically biomedical uses cover a similarly broad and interesting spectrum. In this book, I have endeavored to convey some of the fas­ cination that the laser has long held for me. It is my hope that both clinicians and researchers in the various medical and surgical specialties will find the book a use­ ful introduction. Biologists, particularly molecular biologists, should also find a great deal of relevant information herein. This volume's distinguished contributors provide admirably lucid discussions of laser principles, instrumentation, and current practice in their respective special­ ties. Safety, design, capabilities, and costs of various lasers are also reviewed. We have aimed to create a practical text that is comprehensive but not exhaustive. Our emphasis on the practical, rather than the esoteric, is dictated not only by the short history of biomedical laser use, but by the extent of the community to which this information will appeal.


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