Immune Regulation

  • Marc Feldmann
  • N. A. Mitchison

Part of the Experimental Biology and Medicine book series (EBAM, volume 8)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xv
  2. T Cell Receptors

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Oreste Acuto, Marina Fabbi, Ellis L. Reinherz
      Pages 3-13
    3. Stephen M. Hedrick, Mark M. Davis
      Pages 15-25
    4. J.-C. Cerottini, H. R. MacDonald, J. Lowenthal, R. Shimonkevitz
      Pages 27-38
    5. Workshop Summaries

      1. A. Schimpl, R. B. Corley
        Pages 61-64
      2. J. Gordin Kaplan, John E. Kay
        Pages 65-70
      3. Nancy Hogg, J. Farrant
        Pages 71-73
      4. Rolf Kiessling, Hugh Pross
        Pages 75-78
      5. J. G. Frelinger, M. J. Owen
        Pages 79-80
  3. Growth and Differentiation Factors

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 81-81
    2. T. Hirano, H. Kikutani, K. Shimizu, H. Kishi, T. Taga, K. Ishibashi et al.
      Pages 89-100
    3. Julian L. Ambrus Jr., Anthony S. Fauci
      Pages 101-109
    4. J. J. Oppenheim, K. Matsushima, K. Onozaki, A. Procopio, G. Scala
      Pages 111-120
    5. C. Martens, T. Huff, P. Jardieu, K. Ishizaka, K. Moore
      Pages 121-130
    6. Workshop Summaries

      1. David W. Scott, Klaus Eichmann
        Pages 131-133
      2. A. Moretta, C. J. M. Melief
        Pages 135-139
      3. J. J. T. Owen, R. Scollay
        Pages 141-144
      4. John Ortaldo, Graham Flannery
        Pages 145-150
      5. Dominique J. Charron, Michaël J. Crumpton
        Pages 151-155
  4. Lymphocyte Transformation

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 157-157
    2. M. A. Lane, H. A. F. Stephens, M. B. Tobin, Kevin Doherty
      Pages 181-184
    3. Warren J. Leonard, Joel M. Depper, Gerald R. Crabtree, Stuart Rudikoff, Janet Pumphrey, Richard J. Robb et al.
      Pages 185-195
    4. Jeffrey A. Ledbetter, Paul J. Martin, Edward A. Clark
      Pages 197-206
    5. J. J. T. Owen, E. J. Jenkinson
      Pages 207-212
  5. Selective Recognition by T and B Cells

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 213-213
    2. Emil R. Unanue, Paul M. Allen, Evelyn A. Kurt-Jones
      Pages 225-230
    3. A. R. M. Townsend, A. J. McMichael, G. G. Brownlee
      Pages 231-241
    4. Elizabeth D. Getzoff, John A. Tainer, Richard A. Lerner
      Pages 243-258
    5. Workshop Summaries

      1. J. G. Sharp, Ellen E. E. Jarrett
        Pages 267-272
      2. P. C. L. Beverley, J. P. Revillard
        Pages 273-278
      3. G. L. Asherson, E. Culbert
        Pages 279-286
      4. Susanna Cunningham-Rundles, Richard L. O’Brien
        Pages 287-291
      5. Amnon Altman, Vladimir A. Nesmeyanov
        Pages 293-300
  6. Accessory Cells and Antigen Presentation

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 301-301
    2. Erb P. Ramila, GI Sklenar, M. Kennedy
      Pages 311-321
    3. Ian Todd, Marco Londei, Ricardo Pujol-Borrell, Marc Feldmann, G. Franco Bottazzo
      Pages 323-334
    4. Jan Klein, Peter Walden, Zoltan A. Nagy
      Pages 335-344
    5. G. G. B. Klaus, J. H. Humphrey
      Pages 345-355
    6. Workshop Summaries

      1. R. B. Taylor, A. Basten
        Pages 357-361
      2. Ben Bonavida, Elizabeth Simpson
        Pages 363-367
      3. Jay A. Berzofsky, Kozo Yokomuro
        Pages 369-374

About this book


Leukocyte culture conferences have a long pedigree. This volume records some of the scientific highlights of the 16th such annual con­ ference, and is a witness to the continuing evolution and popularity of leukocyte culture and of immunology. There is strong evidence of the widening horizons of immunology, both technically, with the obviously major impact of molecular biology into our understanding of cellular processes, and also conceptually. Traditionally, the 'proceedings' of these conferences have been published. But have the books produced really recorded the major part of the conference, the informal, friendly, but intense and some­ times heated exchanges that take place between workers in tackling very similar problems and systems and which are at the heart of every successful conference? Unfortunately this essence cannot be incorpo­ rated by soliciting manuscripts. For this reason, we have changed the format of publication, retaining published versions of the symposium papers, but requesting the workshop chairmen to produce a summary of the major new observations and areas of controversy highlighted in their sessions, as a vehicle for defining current areas of interest and debate. Not an easy task, as the workshop topics were culled from the abstracts submitted by the participants, rather than being on predefined topics. The unseasonal warmth in Cambridge was reflected in the atmos­ phere of the conference, the organization of which benefited from the administrative skills of Jean Bacon, Philippa Wells, Mr. Peter Irving, and Mrs.


Antigen T cell Thymus antigen presentation autoimmunity immunodeficiency lymphocytes molecular biology retroviruses vaccine

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