Analysis of Controlled Dynamical Systems

Proceedings of a Conference held in Lyon, France, July 1990

  • Bernard Bonnard
  • Bernard Bride
  • Jean-Paul Gauthier
  • Ivan Kupka

Part of the Progress in Systems and Control Theory book series (PSCT, volume 8)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-ix
  2. Francesca Albertini, Eduardo D. Sontag
    Pages 21-34
  3. André Berthon
    Pages 60-68
  4. B. Bonnard, J. P. Gauthier, J. de Morant
    Pages 69-87
  5. Pierre Bonnet, Didier Remond
    Pages 88-102
  6. C. I. Byrnes, A. Isidori, J. C. Willems
    Pages 118-135
  7. Peter E. Crouch, Joseph W. Jackson
    Pages 156-166
  8. C. Darmet, J. P. Gauthier, F. Gourd
    Pages 167-182
  9. S. El Asmi, M. Fliess
    Pages 201-210
  10. H. Hammouri, J. de Leon Morales
    Pages 233-242
  11. H. J. C. Huijberts, H. Nijmeijer, L. L. M. van der Wegen
    Pages 243-252
  12. B. Jakubczyk, W. Respondek
    Pages 263-273
  13. V. Jurdjevic
    Pages 274-284
  14. Matthias Kawski
    Pages 285-294
  15. Françoise Lamnabhi-Lagarrigue, Pierre Leroux, Xavier G. Viennot
    Pages 304-315
  16. Witold Respondek
    Pages 347-357
  17. Gianna Stefani
    Pages 372-381
  18. H. J. Sussmann
    Pages 382-392
  19. Back Matter
    Pages 405-406

About this book


The conference "Analysis of Controlled Dynamical Systems" was held in July 1990 at the University of LYON FRANCE. About hundred participants attended this conference which lasted four days : There were 50 speakers from departments of Engineering and Mathematics in east and west Europe, USA and USSR. The general subject of the conference was system theory. The main topics were optimal control, structure and control of nonlinear systems, stabilization and observers, differential algebra and systems theory, nonlinear aspects of Hoc theory, rigid and flexible mechanical systems, nonlinear analysis of signals. We are indebted to the scientific committee John BAILLIEUL, Michel FLIESS, Bronislaw JAKUBCZYCK, Hector SUSSMANN, Jan WILLEMS. We gratefully acknowledge the time and thought they gave to this task. We would also like to thank Chris BYRNES for arranging for the publication of these proceedings through the series "Progress in Systems and Control Theory"; BIRKHAUSER. Finally, we are very grateful to the following institutions who through their financial support contributed essentially to the success of this conference : CNRS, Special year " Systemes Dynamiques", DRET, MEN-DAGIC, GRECO-AUTOMATIQUE, Claude Bernard Lyon I University, Entreprise Rhone-Alpes International, Conseil General du RhOne, the cities of LYON and VILLEURBANNE.


Approximation Interpolation calculus dynamical systems linear optimization mathematics

Editors and affiliations

  • Bernard Bonnard
    • 1
  • Bernard Bride
    • 2
  • Jean-Paul Gauthier
    • 2
  • Ivan Kupka
    • 3
  1. 1.Laboratoire d’Automatique de GrenobleSt Martin d’HeresFrance
  2. 2.Laboratoire d’AutomatiqueUniversité Claude Bernard Lyon IVilleurbanneFrance
  3. 3.Department of MathematicsUniversity of TorontoTorontoCanada

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