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Nuclear Cardiology and Correlative Imaging

A Teaching File

  • João V. Vitola
  • Dominique Delbeke

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxi
  2. João V. Vitola, Dominique Delbeke
    Pages 1-12
  3. Dominique Delbeke, João V. Vitola, William H. Martin
    Pages 49-83
  4. João V. Vitola, Otávio J. Kormann, Arnaldo Laffitte Stier Jr., William Azem Chalela, Luis E. Mastrocolla, Dominique Delbeke
    Pages 84-120
  5. João V. Vitola, Dominique Delbeke, C. Andrew Smith, Carlos Cunha Pereira Neto, William H. Martin, M. Reza Habibian
    Pages 121-154
  6. Olímpio Ribeiro França Neto, Dominique Delbeke, João V. Vitola, Jack A. Ziffer
    Pages 155-177
  7. Kenneth J. Nichols, Marvin W. Kronenberg, Sabahat Bokhari
    Pages 178-204
  8. Dominique Delbeke, Jeroen J. Bax, William H. Martin, Martin P. Sandler
    Pages 205-252
  9. Sean W. Hayes, Daniel S. Berman, Rory Hachamovitch, Guido Germano
    Pages 253-278
  10. Leslee J. Shaw, Gary V. Heller, Ronald G. Schwartz, Carlos Cunha Pereira Neto, Vinícius Ludwig, João V. Vitola et al.
    Pages 279-308
  11. Jeffrey A. Leppo, Seth Dahlberg
    Pages 309-330
  12. Jennifer H. Mieres, Jean M. Cacciabaudo, Mikhail Levin
    Pages 331-344
  13. Ernest V. Garcia, Cesar Santana, Gabriel Grossman, Russell Folks, Tracy Faber
    Pages 345-377
  14. José Claudio Meneghetti, Carlos Eduardo Rochitte
    Pages 378-394
  15. João V. Vitola, Wilson Mathias Jr., José Claudio Meneghetti, Dominique Delbeke
    Pages 406-423
  16. Dominique Delbeke, Thomas H. Schindler, David Townsend, Philipp A. Kaufmann, Gustav K. von Schulthess, Heinrich R. Schelbert
    Pages 424-443
  17. Raed Al-Dallow, Robert C. Hendel
    Pages 444-470
  18. Back Matter
    Pages 471-490

About this book


Edited by Drs. João V. Vitola and Dominique Delbeke, two highly respected experts, this case-based text advances the knowledge and skills of experienced nuclear medicine physicians, cardiologists, and radiologists while also preparing residents for the cutting-edge field of nuclear cardiology. Internationally recognized contributors offer an indispensable presentation of key techniques and the latest technology. Diagnostic tools, physics principles, instrumentation, radiopharmaceuticals, and protocols central to the field are covered. A comprehensive review of the applications of myocardial perfusion imaging includes applications in special populations and in emergency departments. Risk assessment, pitfalls, and artifacts are also addressed. Additional chapters examine correlative imaging and detail the value of cardiac MRI, multislice computed tomography, stress echocardiography, coronary angiography, intravascular ultrasound, and PET and PET/CT. Case presentations and a wealth of illustrations reinforce guidelines on diagnosis and image interpretation, highlighting situations that readers are likely to encounter in everyday practice.


Dilatation PET/CT cardiac function cardiac imaging cardiology computed tomography computed tomography (CT) coronary artery disease diagnosis echocardiography imaging magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) positron emission tomography (PET) radiation tomography

Editors and affiliations

  • João V. Vitola
    • 1
    • 2
  • Dominique Delbeke
    • 3
  1. 1.Department of MedicineFederal University of Paraná Medical SchoolCuritibaBrazil
  2. 2.Quanta Medicina NuclearCuritibaBrazil
  3. 3.Department of Radiology and Radiological SciencesVanderbilt University Medical CenterNashvilleUSA

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From the reviews:

"The book provides an excellent introduction to the topic of nuclear cardiology to trainees in the sub-speciality and an update for specialists in the field. [...] the book deserves a place on the bookshelf of any nuclear medicine or nuclear cardiology department."

RAD Magazine, January, 2006

"The editors of this book … have gathered 49 experts from all around the world to contribute their knowledge and experience in the creation of … nuclear cardiology teaching files. … The chapters are excellently structured. … The first part offers a concise overview on the specific topic, and this is followed by several case presentations. The case presentations are very comprehensive … . this is supported by high-quality figures. … It is highly recommended for everyone who is interested in nuclear cardiology … ." (A. Ugrinska and E. K. J. Pauwels, European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, Vol. 32 (12), 2005)

"In this book, Drs. Vitola (Brazil) and Delbeke (USA) have gathered a large panel of experts who collaborated in reviewing the essential features of nuclear cardiology. … this medium sized book achieves the goal of combining both informative introductory text and multiple case presentations. … Moreover, these cases presentations are widely completed by high quality illustrations. … This is a well-structured educational book that could be highly recommended to all cardiologists and nuclear medicine physicians interested in the field of nuclear cardiology." (A. Manrique, Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy, Vol. 27 (6), 2005)