Adventure and Extreme Sports Injuries

Epidemiology, Treatment, Rehabilitation and Prevention

  • Omer Mei-Dan
  • Michael R Carmont

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    Pages i-xvi
  2. Omer Mei-Dan, Michael R. Carmont
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  3. Volker Schöffl
    Pages 7-35
  4. Mike Langran
    Pages 37-67
  5. Anton Westman
    Pages 69-90
  6. Omer Mei-Dan
    Pages 91-112
  7. Jonathan P. Folland, Kate Strachan
    Pages 113-141
  8. Andrew T. Nathanson
    Pages 143-172
  9. Mark Tauber, Philipp Moroder
    Pages 173-187
  10. Daryl A. Rosenbaum, Bree Simmons
    Pages 189-202
  11. Michael R. Carmont
    Pages 203-223
  12. Michael R. Carmont
    Pages 225-245
  13. Lior Laver, Omer Mei-Dan
    Pages 247-272
  14. Denise Park, Michael R. Carmont
    Pages 273-301
  15. Karen Tordjman, Naama Constantini, Anthony C. Hackney
    Pages 315-324
  16. John Nyland, Yee Han Dave Lee
    Pages 325-337
  17. Peter Malliaras, Dylan Morrissey, Nick Antoniou
    Pages 339-361
  18. Back Matter
    Pages 363-371

About this book


Adventure and extreme sports have developed significantly and gained enormous popularity over the past two decades, and are now performed by adventurous elite athletes as well as the recreational adventure sportsman. These sports, by definition, involve element of increased risk, and are usually performed in beautiful, exciting and remote locations or in extreme environments, far away from medical assistance.

        As more and more people are enjoying adventure sports, unfortunately increased numbers are becoming injured as a result. Future research is progressing alongside the sport development, to allow the sport mechanisms, injury patterns and predisposing factors to be better understood. It is the hope of all researchers to make the sports safer without detracting from their adventurous nature.

        This book combines the Editors love to the sports with their life as sports surgeons. The aim and scope of this text is to bring the ‘sports medicine’ involved in each of these sports into one volume. Each sport and discipline is explained together with their subtle similarities and differences, the common injury mechanisms, patterns of injury and treatment options and finally, the mental and physiological aspects of it all. In this book the Editors hope to deliver useful valuable information to surgeons, physicians, physical therapists and whoever treats or has interest in these amazing activities.


Extreme Sports Injuries Trauma

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