Phlebology ’95

Proceedings of the XII World Congress Union Internationale de Phlébologie, London 3–8 September 1995 Volume 1

  • Editors
  • David Negus
  • Georges Jantet
  • Philip D. Coleridge-Smith
Conference proceedings

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xl
  2. Epidemiology and Socio-economics

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. P. J. Franks, N. Bosanquet, M. Connolly, M. I. Oldroyd, C. J. Moffatt, R. M. Greenhalgh et al.
      Pages 3-5
    3. R. M. A. Krijnen, E. M. de Boer, H. J. Adèr, D. P. Bruynzeel
      Pages 6-7
    4. J. Gawrychowski, A. Romanski, B. Lazar-Czyzewska
      Pages 8-9
    5. W. G. Tennant, C. V. Ruckley
      Pages 14-16
    6. P. J. Franks, N. Bosanquet, D. Brown, J. Straub, D. R. Harper, C. V. Ruckley
      Pages 17-19
    7. R. Beaglehole
      Pages 25-28
    8. P. A. Stonebridge
      Pages 29-30
    9. R. Naga, S. El-Sheikh
      Pages 31-31
    10. Y. K. Vandongen, M. C. Stacey, D. French
      Pages 31-31
    11. O. Nelzén, D. Bergqvist, A. Lindhagen
      Pages 32-32
    12. G. Botta, S. Mancini
      Pages 32-32
    13. C. Sánchez, E. Altmann-Canestri, U. Tropper, E. Tkach, D. Clar
      Pages 33-33
    14. T. Sándor, L. Molnár, Gy Acsády, E. Monos
      Pages 33-33
    15. T. Lees, S. Singh, P. Spencer, C. Rigby, J. Cooper, J. Beard
      Pages 34-34
    16. T. A. Lees, J. D. Holdsworth
      Pages 34-34
    17. V. Grivceva-Panovska, Lj. Pavlova, S. Nikolovska, A. Starova, D. Dervendzi
      Pages 35-35
    18. N. Bosanquet, P. J. Franks, D. Brown, J. Straub, D. R. Harper, C. V. Ruckley
      Pages 36-36
    19. J. Jérôme Guex, Michel Perrin, Bernard Hiltbrand, J. Marc Bayon, Franck Henri, François A. Allaert
      Pages 36-36
    20. J. Tkach-E, Tkach-C Sanchez
      Pages 37-37
    21. George M. Robb
      Pages 38-38
    22. R. D. Hull, W. Feldstein, G. F. Pineo, G. E. Raskob
      Pages 38-38
    23. C. L. S. Figueirôa, E. S. Figueirôa, M. V. Soares
      Pages 39-39
  3. Anatomy/Pathology

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 41-44
    2. Basic Science

    3. Basic Science

      1. K. Ziaja, M. Blaszczynski, M. Zabski, P. Karczewski, B. Bialas, T. Drazkiewicz et al.
        Pages 78-80
      2. M. Peschen, A. Weyl, J. M. Weiss, T. Lahaye, E. Schöpf, W. Vanscheidt
        Pages 81-84
      3. G. Fegan
        Pages 85-85
      4. L. Castellani, R. Martinez, D. Garces, S. Rouchet, A. De Muret, G. Calais et al.
        Pages 86-86
      5. J. M. Coget, J. P. Millien, C. Creusy
        Pages 86-86
      6. J. M. Coget, J. P. Millien, C. Creusy
        Pages 87-89
    4. Clinical Research

About these proceedings


The management of diseases of the venous system has evolved rapidly over the last forty years. Much of this development occured since the creation of the Union Internationale de Phlebologie (UIP) in 1959 which has helped to bring together those involved in the management of venous diseases.
The Proceedings of the XII World Congress of the UIP will reflect the diversity of disciplines involved (such as phlebologists, dermatologists, surgeons, physiologists and radiologists) as well as new methods of investigation, prevention and the latest research on the topic.


Venous anatomy anatomy development diseases dysplasia economics epidemiology gynecology hormone hormones management pathology phlebology physiology prevention

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