Noblesse Workshop on Non-Linear Model Based Image Analysis

Proceedings of NMBIA, 1–3 July 1998, Glasgow

  • Stephen Marshall
  • Neal Richard Harvey
  • Druti Shah
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Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XVI
  2. 3D Image Models

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Maria Gabrani, Oleh J. Tretiak
      Pages 3-8
    3. Olivier Cuisenaire, Matthieu Ferrant, Benoît Macq, Jean-Philippe Thiran
      Pages 9-14
    4. David Lloret, Antonio M. López, Joan Serrat
      Pages 15-20
    5. Suya You, Ulrich Neumann
      Pages 21-26
    6. Nikos Nikopoulos, Vassilios Chatzis, Ioannis Pitas
      Pages 27-32
    7. Jin Liu, David Przewozny
      Pages 33-38
    8. George Votsis, Nicolas Tsapatsoulis, Kostas Karpouzis, Stefanos Kollias
      Pages 39-45
  3. Keynote Lecture

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 59-59
  4. Image/Video Restoration

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 69-69
    2. Heikki Huttunen, Pauli Kuosmanen
      Pages 71-76
    3. Etienne Decencière
      Pages 77-82
    4. Steven Armstrong, Peter J. W. Rayner, Anil C. Kokaram
      Pages 83-88
  5. Poster Session Segmentation and Object Orientated Coding

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 89-89
    2. A. P. Ashbrook, R. B. Fisher, N. Werghi, C. Robertson
      Pages 103-108
    3. Lorenzo Favalli, Alessandro Mecocci, Fulvio Moschetti
      Pages 109-114
    4. J. Andrew Bangham, Javier Ruiz Hidalgo, Richard Harvey
      Pages 133-139
    5. Reyer Zwiggelaar, Christopher J. Taylor
      Pages 152-157
  6. Colour Image Processing (papers marked with a * have colour illustrations contained in a separate Colour Annex)

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 165-165
    2. Faouzi Alaya Cheikh, Moncef Gabbouj
      Pages 173-178
    3. Meng Qinghong, Bogdan Cramariuc, Moncef Gabbouj
      Pages 179-182
    4. Patrick De Smet, Rui Luís Vieira Pires Marques Pires, Danny De Vleeschauwer
      Pages 183-187
    5. Michail Pappas, Ioannis Pitas
      Pages 188-192
    6. S. Minelly, A. Curley, P. Giaccone, G. A. Jones
      Pages 193-198
    7. Yogesh Raja, Stephen McKenna, Shaogang Gong
      Pages 199-204
  7. Keynote Lecture

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 205-205
    2. M. Petrou, A. Kadyrov
      Pages 207-214
  8. Database Retrieval

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 215-215
    2. Sven Siggelkow, Hans Burkhardt
      Pages 217-224
    3. Andrea Kutics, Taichi Nakamura, Masaomi Nakajima, Hideyoshi Tominaga
      Pages 225-230
    4. Xavier Ubiergo Cabedo, Sushil K. Bhattacharjee
      Pages 231-236
  9. Poster Session Image Models, Segmentation and Implementation

About these proceedings


This book contains papers presented at the Noblesse Workshop on Non-linear model based image analysis held in Glasgow, 1-3 July 1998. Current models have mainly been developed for image coding purposes. They are rather simple and far away from being optimal and do not contribute to more complex tasks like those needed in image databases. This book meets the challenging tasks in multimedia applications by discussing new sophisticated model-based schemes for a high-level description of images and image sequences. Novel results are covered in the papers presented in this book, opening new potential fields of application like the support for building databases in multimedia applications, image archiving and image sequence coding, including such topics as:- 3D Image Models; Image/Video Restoration; Segmentation and Object Oriented Coding; Colour Image Processing; Database Retrieval; Image Models; Video Pre- and Post processing.


3D graphics Active Shape Model Diffusion Interpolation Moment Opening Tracking filter image analysis image processing image restoration modeling optimization rendering signal processing

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