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CO2 Laser Cutting

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About this book


The laser has given manufacturing industry a new tool. When the laser beam is focused it can generate one of the world's most intense energy sources, more intense than flames and arcs, though similar to an electron beam. In fact the intensity is such that it can vaporise most known materials. The laser material processing industry has been growing swiftly as the quality, speed and new manufacturing possibilities become better understood. In the fore of these new technologies is the process of laser cutting. Laser cutting leads because it is a direct process substitu­ tion and the laser can usually do the job with greater flexibility, speed and quality than its competitors. However, to achieve these high speeds with high quality con­ siderable know how and experience is required. This information is usually carefully guarded by the businesses concerned and has to be gained by hard experience and technical understanding. Yet in this book John Powell explains in lucid and almost non­ technical language many of these process wrinkles concerning alignment, cornering, pulsing, water jets, material properties, cutting speeds as well as tricks with surface coating and much much more. It is a book which managers and technicians in laser job shops and laser processing facilities would be foolish not to read.


Aluminium cutting design laser metal polymers

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  1. 1.Unit HLaser Expertise Ltd.Dunkirk, NottinghamUK
  2. 2.Department of Materials ProcessingLulea University of TechnologyLuleaSweden
  3. 3.Engineering Academy of St. PetersburgRussia

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