Spinal Cord Disease

Basic Science, Diagnosis and Management

  • Edmund Critchley
  • Andrew Eisen

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  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. E. M. R. Critchley, A. A. Eisen
    Pages 1-9
  3. T. J. Zwimpfer, J. D. Steeves
    Pages 11-19
  4. J. D. Steeves, T. J. Zwimpfer
    Pages 21-32
  5. E. M. R. Critchley, M. T. Isaac
    Pages 33-46
  6. G. R. Critchley
    Pages 47-51
  7. J. P. R. Dick
    Pages 53-59
  8. D. I. Graham
    Pages 61-96
  9. J. S. Lapointe
    Pages 117-143
  10. N. T. Gurusinghe
    Pages 145-174
  11. J. R. Johnson
    Pages 229-250
  12. R. A. Metcalfe, R. A. Johnston
    Pages 275-295
  13. M. Dvorak, R. W. McGraw
    Pages 297-315
  14. E. M. R. Critchley
    Pages 317-337
  15. R. J. Guiloff
    Pages 339-345
  16. J. D. Mitchell
    Pages 347-365
  17. K. Rajamani, C. Savant
    Pages 367-402
  18. M. J. Aminoff
    Pages 423-442
  19. R. R. Pearson
    Pages 443-460
  20. L. A. Bindoff, R. A. Shakir
    Pages 461-475
  21. R. A. Shakir, L. A. Bindoff
    Pages 477-484
  22. J. P. R. Dick
    Pages 485-493
  23. J. P. R. Dick
    Pages 495-499
  24. N. T. Gurusinghe
    Pages 501-543
  25. T. T. Lee, B. A. Green
    Pages 545-583
  26. Back Matter
    Pages 601-610

About this book


Spinal Cord Injury or disease can happen to anyone at any time and the effects can be devastating. I found this out personally when I was thrown from the back of a pick up truck at age 15 was left paralyzed from the waist down. It was during my recuperation as a young teenager that I first gained insight into the importance of rehabilitation. My family, doctors, nurses, fellow patients and researchers who were dedicated to helping me over­ come my personal tragedy helped me pull through. Today, rehabilita­ tion medicine is taking great strides and empowering the person with the injury to take control of their future, overcome their setbacks and, through collaborative support, reach their personal goals and potential. Since 1987 the Legacy raised by my Man in Motion World Tour (24901 miles wheeled around the world March 1985-May 1987) has pro­ $13 million dollars to research and rehabilitation in the areas vided over of spinal cord injury. I hope that in some small way this funding has contributed to the development of the vital programmes that supported me and many others. The effects of spinal cord injury are traumatic and life-shattering and require a skilled interdisciplinary approach. I congratulate those who have contributed to this book and challenge each one of you to never give up on your dreams to find the answers to the optimum treatment of spinal cord injury and disease.


cell embryo investigative techniques nervous system neuropathology pathology radiculopathies rehabilitation spinal cord spine trauma tumor

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  2. 2.Vancouver General HospitalVancouverCanada

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