Advances in Self-Organising Maps

  • Nigel Allinson
  • Hujun Yin
  • Lesley Allinson
  • Jon Slack

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-IX
  2. M. Cottrell, E. de Bodt, M. Verleysen
    Pages 7-14
  3. T. Yamakawa, K. Horio, R. Kubota
    Pages 15-20
  4. Markus Hagenbuchner, Ah Chung Tsoi, Alessandro Sperduti
    Pages 21-28
  5. H. M. Lakany
    Pages 29-38
  6. Ismael Arciniegas, Betty Daniel, Mark J Embrechts
    Pages 39-46
  7. Zheng Rong Yang
    Pages 47-53
  8. Sergey Shumsky
    Pages 61-66
  9. John A. Lee, Nicolas Donckers, Michel Verleysen
    Pages 67-72
  10. Michaël Aupetit, Pierre Couturier, Pierre Massotte
    Pages 73-80
  11. Hujun Yin
    Pages 81-88
  12. Markus Siponen, Juha Vesanto, Olli Simula, Petri Vasara
    Pages 89-94
  13. Itshak Lapidot (Voitovetsky), Hugo Guterman
    Pages 95-101
  14. P. N. Suganthan
    Pages 110-117
  15. T. Yamakawa, K. Horio, Y. Oosako, T. Miki
    Pages 118-123
  16. K. Obu-Cann, K. Fujimura, H. Tokutaka, M. Ohkita, M. Inui, S. Yamada
    Pages 132-139
  17. Michael Dittenbach, Andreas Rauber, Dieter Merkl
    Pages 140-145
  18. Sami Laakso, Jorma Laaksonen, Markus Koskela, Erkki Oja
    Pages 146-151
  19. Hiroshi Douzono, Shigeomi Hara, Yoshio Noguchi
    Pages 152-159
  20. Udo Seiffert, Bernd Michaelis
    Pages 160-166
  21. T. Yamakawa, K. Horio, S. Izumi, T. Miki
    Pages 167-172
  22. Barbara Hammer, Thomas Villmann
    Pages 173-180
  23. Thomas Voegtlin, Peter F. Dominey
    Pages 210-215
  24. A. Indrayanto, N. M. Allinson
    Pages 216-223
  25. Samuel Kaski, Janne Sinkkonen
    Pages 224-229
  26. Michaël Aupetit, Pierre Couturier, Pierre Massotte
    Pages 230-237
  27. Shayan Garani, José C. Principe
    Pages 238-245
  28. Kikuo Fujimura, Shin-ichi Fujiwaki, Obu-Cann Kwaw, Heizo Tokutaka
    Pages 246-252
  29. José M. Rodríguez Arroyo, Andy J. Beddoes, Nigel M. Allinson
    Pages 253-258
  30. Gabriela Guimarães, Fernando Moura-Pires
    Pages 259-266
  31. G. Tambouratzis, N. Hairetakis, S. Markantonatou, G. Carayannis
    Pages 267-274
  32. Michel Haritopoulos, Hujun Yin, Nigel Allinson
    Pages 275-282
  33. Ingo Jossa, Uwe Marschner, Wolf-Joachim Joachim Fischer
    Pages 283-288
  34. Back Matter
    Pages 289-289

About these proceedings


This is the third Workshop on Self-Organising Maps (WSOM) and its related techniques. The previous two were held in Helsinki (1997 and 1999) and confIrmed the vitality of the SOM as one of the most popular and powerful concepts for unsupervised pattern recognition and data visualisation. These meetings not only acted as a showcase for the latest advances in SOM theory and for illustrating its vast range of applicability, but also as venues where much informal and fruitful interaction could take place. It is interesting to observe the development of the original SOM, and this remarkable progress confrrms the originality and insight of Teuvo Kohonen's pioneering work. With the range and quality of the papers in this volume, the stage is set for another very successful meeting. This volume is a permanent record of all the contributions presented during WSOM'OI held at the University of Lincolnshire and Humberside, 13 - 15 June, 2001. The University is the newest of England's universities but it is situated in the heart of one of our oldest cities - founded by the Romans and overlooked by the towering mass of its medieval cathedral. Primarily Lincoln has always been a centre for the rich agricultural heartland of England; however, it was the birthplace, 186 years ago, of George Boole. So WSOM'OI is continuing Lincoln's long and honourable tradition of advancing scientific understanding.


Data mining and visualisation Image Processing STATISTICA Signal Processing algorithms classification optimization pattern recognition

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  • Nigel Allinson
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  • Hujun Yin
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  • Lesley Allinson
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  • Jon Slack
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  1. 1.Department of Electrical Engineering and ElectronicsUMISTManchesterEngland
  2. 2.Department of PsychologyUniversity of Lincolnshire and HumbersideLincolnEngland

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