Peroxisomal Disorders and Regulation of Genes

  • Frank Roels
  • Myriam Baes
  • Sylvia De Bie
Conference proceedings

Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 544)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiv
  2. Hanna Mandel, Stanley H. Korman
    Pages 9-30
  3. Jukka KallijÄrvi, Anna-Elina Lehesjoki, Marita Lipsanen-Nyman
    Pages 31-37
  4. Frank Roels, Marianne Depreter, Marc Espeel, Katharina D’herde, Ingrid Kerckaert, Joseph Vamecq et al.
    Pages 39-54
  5. Gregory Chevillard, Marie-Claude ClÉmencet, Philippe Etienne, Pascal Martin, Thierry Pineau, Norbert Latruffe et al.
    Pages 55-56
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    Pages 57-58
  7. Jeannette Gootjes, Petra A. W. Mooijer, Conny Dekker, Peter G. Barth, Bwee Tien Poll-The, Hans R. Waterham et al.
    Pages 67-68
  8. Daan M. Van Den Brink, Pedro Brites, Janet Haasjes, Anthony S. Wierzbicki, John Mitchell, Michelle Lambert-Hamill et al.
    Pages 69-70
  9. Ann K. Heinzer, Martina C. Mcguinness, Jyh-Feng Lu, O. Colin Stine, Heming Wei, Mark Van Der Vlies et al.
    Pages 75-93
  10. Andreas Holzinger, Peter U. Mayerhofer, Esther M. Maier, Adelbert A. Roscher, Johannes Berger
    Pages 95-96
  11. Frank Roels, Jean-Marie Saudubray, Marisa Giros, Hanna Mandel, FranÇois Eyskens, Nieves Saracibar et al.
    Pages 97-106
  12. Jeannette Gootjes, Hanna Mandel, Petra A.W. Mooijer, Frank Roels, Hans R. Waterham, Ronald J.A. Wanders
    Pages 107-111
  13. Osman El-Maarri
    Pages 135-144
  14. Joanna B. Grabarek
    Pages 145-158
  15. Martine De Rycke
    Pages 159-168
  16. Wim Vanden Berghe, Linda Vermeulen, Philippe Delerive, Karolien De Bosscher, Bart Staels, Guy Haegeman
    Pages 181-196
  17. Osman El-Maarri
    Pages 197-204
  18. Joanna B. Grabarek, Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz
    Pages 205-216
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    Pages 237-242
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    Pages 245-245
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    Pages 247-254
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    Pages 303-304
  31. Veerle Foulon, Minne Casteels, Guy P. Mannaerts, Bruce D. Gelb, Paul P. VanVeldhoven
    Pages 305-306
  32. Christiane Van Den Branden, Joseph Vamecq
    Pages 307-314
  33. Werner J. Kovacs, Skaidrite Krisans
    Pages 315-327
  34. Sietske Hogenboom, Gerrit Jan Romeijn, Sander M. Houten, Myriam Baes, Ronald J.A. Wanders, Hans R. Waterham
    Pages 329-330
  35. Isabelle Weinhofer, Sonja Forss-Petter, Mihaela Zigman, Johannes Berger
    Pages 331-332
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  39. Hugo W. Moser, Gerald V. Raymond, Wolfgang Koehler, Piotr Sokolowski, Folker Hanefeld, Georg Christoph Korenke et al.
    Pages 369-387
  40. Back Matter
    Pages 389-429

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In most peroxisomal disorders the nervous system is severely affected which explains the clinical and community burden they represent. This is the first book to focus not only on the mutations causing these inherited illnesses, but also on mechanisms that regulate, suppress or enhance expression of genes and their products (enzymes). Indeed since the success and completion of the Human Genome Project all genes (coding DNA sequences) are known. However, of many, their function, and the role of the gene product has not been determined. An example is X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy, the most frequent peroxisomal disorder. Children are born healthy, but in more than 1 out of 3, demyelination of the brain starts unpredictably and they die in a vegetative state. The gene mutated in most families has been known for 10 years; but the true role of the encoded protein, ALDp, is still speculative; and within the same family, very severe and asymptomatic clinical histories co-exist, unexplained by the mutation.


DNA Lipid Nervous System Oxidation RNA biosynthesis enzymes gene expression genes metabolism molecular mechanisms

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