2011 International Conference in Electrics, Communication and Automatic Control Proceedings

  • Ran Chen
Conference proceedings

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages 1-1
  2. Deli Jia, Tianyong Zhang, Ruijie Li, Ruijia Wang
    Pages 1-8
  3. Bo You, Chunsheng Wang, Tianyong Zhang, Ruijia Wang
    Pages 23-29
  4. Ching-Ping Tsai, Chi-Hua Chen, Hsu-Yang Kung, Ting-Huan Kuo, Chun-Hao Lin
    Pages 53-59
  5. Hsu-Yang Kung, Thi Mai Phuong Nguyen, Ting-Huan Kuo, Ching-Ping Tsai, Chi-Hua Chen
    Pages 61-68
  6. Zhongwei Liang, Chunliang Zhang, Aishe Li, Deng Hongguang
    Pages 85-90
  7. Liping Fan, Lin Yang
    Pages 119-123
  8. Jianjun Song, Xiaoping Du, Wei Hu, Qiao Wang, Chao Wang, Xin Li et al.
    Pages 195-200
  9. Li Wensheng, Xie Mei, Yu Peng
    Pages 207-214
  10. Li-yin Xie, Xiu-qin Su, Shun Zhang, Zhi-Gang Xu
    Pages 241-250
  11. Jing Liu, Qingxiang Zhu, Haipeng Ji, Honghong Hao, Pengsha Jiao
    Pages 251-256
  12. Yong Zhang, Dun-Wei Gong, Cheng-Liang Qi
    Pages 295-301
  13. Chueh Hao-En, Kao Chang-Yi, Fahn Chin-Shyurng
    Pages 311-316
  14. Song Jianjun, Du Xiaoping, Wang Chao, Wang Qiao, Li Xin, Jiang Yu
    Pages 333-340
  15. Zeng Bin, Wang Rui, Liu HaiQing
    Pages 351-357
  16. Yao Lu, Wei Jun, Liu HaiQing
    Pages 359-365
  17. Xin Wang, Qidan Zhu, Shuli Sun, Gang Hao
    Pages 383-390

About these proceedings


This two-volume set contains the very latest, cutting-edge material in electrics, communication and automatic control. As a vital field of research that is highly relevant to current developments in a number of technological domains, the subjects it covers include micro-electronics and integrated circuit control, signal processing technology, next-generation network infrastructure, wireless communication and scientific instruments.

The aim of the International Conference in Electrics, Communication and Automatic Control, held in Chongqing, China, in June 2011 was to provide a valuable inclusive platform for researchers, engineers, academicians and industrial professionals from all over the world to share their research results with fellow scientists in the sector. The call for papers netted well over 600 submissions, of which 224 were selected for presentation. This fully peer-reviewed collection of papers from the conference can be viewed as a single-source compendium of the latest trends and techniques in the field, making it a must-have resource for anyone wanting to stay abreast of developments.


Automatic Control Engineering and Application Communication Hardware Design Communication Software Electric Information Infrastructure for Next Generation Networks Instrument Science Integrated-circuit Technology Measurement Technology Micro-electronics Signal Processing

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