ADP-Ribosylation in Animal Tissues

Structure, Function, and Biology of Mono (ADP-ribosyl) Transferases and Related Enzymes

  • Friedrich Haag
  • Friedrich Koch-Nolte

Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 419)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xix
  2. Introduction

    1. Friedrich Koch-Nolte, Friedrich Haag
      Pages 1-13
    2. Helmuth Hilz
      Pages 15-24
    3. Joel Moss, Anna Zolkiewska, Ian Okazaki
      Pages 25-33
  3. Mono-ADP-Ribosylation in Procaryotes

    1. Plenary Lectures

      1. Haian Fu, Steven R. Blanke, Larry C. Mattheakis, R. John Collier
        Pages 45-52
      2. Sandra K. Grunwald, Yaoping Zhang, Cale Halbleib, Gary P. Roberts, Paul W. Ludden
        Pages 61-69
      3. Kai Wilkens, Bernd Tiemann, Fernando Bazan, Wolfgang Rüger
        Pages 71-82
    2. Poster Reports

      1. Ali el Bayâ, Ruth Linnemann, Lars von Olleschik-Elbheim, M. Alexander Schmidt
        Pages 83-86
  4. Molecular Approaches To Eucaryotic Mono(Adp-Ribosyl)Transferases

    1. Plenary Lectures

      1. J. Fernando Bazan, Friedrich Koch-Nolte
        Pages 99-107
      2. Heinz-Günter Thiele, Friedrich Haag, Friedrich Koch-Nolte
        Pages 109-120
      3. Isabelle Lévy, André Pawlak, Marie Geneviève Mattei, Georges Guellaën
        Pages 121-128
      4. Makoto Shimoyama, Mikako Tsuchiya, Nobumasa Hara, Kazuo Yamada, Harumi Osago
        Pages 137-144
      5. Terence Davis, Jamal S. M. Sabir, Manoochehr Tavassoli, Sydney Shall
        Pages 145-154
      6. Martha Deveze-Alvarez, Jesús García-Soto, Guadalupe Martínez-Cadena
        Pages 155-162
    2. Poster Reports

      1. Rickmer Braren, Kathrin Firner, Sriram Balasubramanian, Fernando Bazan, Heinz-Günter Thiele, Friedrich Haag et al.
        Pages 163-168
      2. Rita Bortell, Mark Rigby, Linda Stevens, Joel Moss, Toshihiro Kanaitsuka, John Mordes et al.
        Pages 169-173
      3. Stefan Karsten, Jens Schröder, Cristina Da Silva, Dominik Kahlke, Heinz-Günter Thiele, Friedrich Koch-Nolte et al.
        Pages 175-180
  5. Mono (ADP-Ribosyl) Transferases in The Immune System

    1. Plenary Lectures

      1. Cécile Le Page, Catherine Pellat-Deceunynck, Jean-Claude Drapier, Juana Wietzerbin
        Pages 203-207
      2. Dale L. Greiner, Samir Malkani, Toshihiro Kanaitsuka, Rita Bortell, John Doukas, Mark Rigby et al.
        Pages 209-216
      3. Marina Cetkovic-Cvrlje, Sung-Don Yang, Edward H. Leiter
        Pages 217-227
    2. Poster Reports

      1. Panagiotis Kefalas, Jennifer R. Allport, Louise E. Donnelly, Nigel B. Rendell, Stephen Murray, Graham W. Taylor et al.
        Pages 241-244
      2. Mikako Tsuchiya, Harumi Osago, Kazuo Yamada, Makoto Shimoyama
        Pages 245-248
      3. Sunna Hauschildt, Peter Scheipers, Wolfgang Bessler, Klaus Schwarz, Artur Ullmer, Hans-Dieter Flad et al.
        Pages 249-252
      4. Herman Groen, Jennie M. Pater, Flip A. Klatter, Paul Nieuwenhuis, Jan Rozing
        Pages 253-256
      5. Kurt Wonigeit
        Pages 257-264
      6. Gregor Kuhlenbäumer, Stefan Rothenburg, Martina Matthes, Christiane Hollmann, Edgar Wingender, Heinz Günter Thiele et al.
        Pages 265-270
      7. Martina Matthes, Christiane Hollmann, Heinrich Bertuleit, Maren Kühl, Heinz-Günter Thiele, Friedrich Haag et al.
        Pages 271-274
  6. Mono-ADP-Ribosylation in other Animal Tissues

    1. Plenary Lectures

      1. H. Zwiers, M. D. Hollenberg, K. N. McLean, K. D. Philibert
        Pages 279-288
      2. Alfredo Gorio, Maria Lucia Donadoni, Cristina Finco, Anna Maria Di Giulio
        Pages 289-295
      3. Donald J. Graves, Ted W. Huiatt, Hao Zhou, Hui-Yi Huang, Suzanne W. Sernett, Richard M. Robson et al.
        Pages 305-313
      4. Maria Giuseppina Silletta, Maria Di Girolamo, Giusy Fiucci, Roberto Weigert, Alexander Mironov, Maria Antonietta De Matteis et al.
        Pages 321-330
    2. Poster Reports

      1. Antonino Colanzi, Alexander Mironov, Roberto Weigert, Cecilia Limina, Silvio Flati, Claudia Cericola et al.
        Pages 331-335
      2. Roberto Weigert, Antonino Colanzi, Cecilia Limina, Claudia Cericola, Giuseppe Di Tullio, Alexander Mironov et al.
        Pages 337-342
      3. Maria Di Girolamo, Rosita Lupi, Maria Giuseppina Silletta, Sabrina Turacchio, Cristiano Iurisci, Alberto Luini et al.
        Pages 343-347
      4. Ulrike Prepens, Ingo Just, Fred Hofmann, Klaus Aktories
        Pages 349-353
  7. Physiology of GPI-Anchored Membrane Proteins

    1. Plenary Lectures

      1. Frederick R. Maxfield, Satyajit Mayor
        Pages 355-364
  8. Relationship of ADP-Ribosyltransferases to NAD+ Glycohydrolases and ADP-Ribosyl Cyclases

    1. Plenary Lectures

      1. Elaine L. Jacobson, Daniel Cervantes-Laurean, Myron K. Jacobson
        Pages 371-379

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