Advanced Dairy Chemistry—1 Proteins

Part A / Part B

  • P. F. Fox
  • P. L. H. McSweeney

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  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxiv
  2. L. Tremblay, M. F. Laporte, J. Léonil, D. Dupont, P. Paquin
    Pages 49-138
  3. H. E. Swaisgood
    Pages 139-201
  4. H. M. Farrell Jr., E. M. Brown, P. D. Hoagland, E. L. Malin
    Pages 203-231
  5. C. G. De Kruif, C. Holt
    Pages 233-276
  6. P. Martin, P. Ferranti, C. Leroux, F. Addeo
    Pages 277-317
  7. L. Sawyer
    Pages 319-386
  8. K. Brew
    Pages 387-419
  9. W. L. Hurley
    Pages 421-447
  10. Bo Lönnerdal
    Pages 449-466
  11. P. F. Fox
    Pages 467-471
  12. T. Olivecrona, S. Vilaró, G. Olivecrona
    Pages 473-494
  13. A. L. Kelly, P. L. H. McSweeney
    Pages 495-521
  14. Shakeel-ur-Rehman, C. M. Fleming, N. Y. Farkye, P. F. Fox
    Pages 523-543
  15. L. Stepaniak, C. M. Fleming, M. Gobbetti, A. Corsetti, P. F. Fox
    Pages 545-561
  16. K. Pruitt
    Pages 563-570
  17. N. Y. Farkye
    Pages 571-603
  18. L. Hambræus, B. Lönnerdal
    Pages 605-645
  19. S. Kaminogawa, M. Totsuka
    Pages 647-674
  20. R. J. Fitzgerald, H. Meisel
    Pages 675-698
  21. J. L. Vilotte, C. B. A. Whitelaw, M. Ollivier-Bousquet, D. B. Shennan
    Pages 699-738
  22. K. F. Ng-Kwai-Hang, F. Grosclaude
    Pages 739-816
  23. J. Leaver, A. J. R. Law
    Pages 817-837
  24. D. B. Hyslop
    Pages 839-878
  25. J. E. O’Connell, P. F. Fox
    Pages 879-945
  26. Johannes A. Nieuwenhuijse, Martinus A. J. S. van Boekel
    Pages 947-974
  27. D. S. Horne
    Pages 975-999
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    Pages 1001-1025
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  30. H. D. Goff
    Pages 1063-1082
  31. T. P. Guinee
    Pages 1083-1174
  32. D. M. Mulvihill, M. P. Ennis
    Pages 1175-1228
  33. A. J. Carr, C. R. Southward, L. K. Creamer
    Pages 1289-1323
  34. Back Matter
    Pages 1325-1346

About this book


Advanced Dairy Chemistry-l: Proteins is the first volume of the third edition of the series on advanced topics in Dairy Chemistry, which started in 1982 with the publication of Developments in Dairy Chemistry. This series of volume~ is intended to be a coordinated and authoritative treatise on Dairy Chemistry. In the decade since the second edition of this volume was published (1992), there have been considerable advances in the study of milk proteins, which are reflected in changes to this book. All topics included in the second edition are retained in the current edition, which has been updated and considerably expanded from 18 to 29 chapters. Owing to its size, the book is divided into two parts; Part A (Chapters 1-11) describes the more basic aspects of milk proteins while Part B (Chapters 12-29) reviews the more applied aspects. Chapter 1, a new chapter, presents an overview of the milk protein system, especially from an historical viewpoint. Chapters 2-5, 7-9, 15, and 16 are revisions of chapters in the second edition and cover analytical aspects, chemical and physiochemical properties, biosynthesis and genetic polymorphism of the principal milk proteins. Non-bovine caseins are reviewed in Chapter 6.


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