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Robot and Multibody Dynamics

Analysis and Algorithms


Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xix
  2. Serial-Chain Dynamics

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Abhinandan Jain
      Pages 3-15
    3. Abhinandan Jain
      Pages 17-34
    4. Abhinandan Jain
      Pages 35-55
    5. Abhinandan Jain
      Pages 57-73
    6. Abhinandan Jain
      Pages 75-96
    7. Abhinandan Jain
      Pages 97-114
    8. Abhinandan Jain
      Pages 115-131
  3. General Multibody Systems

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 132-132
    2. Abhinandan Jain
      Pages 135-157
    3. Abhinandan Jain
      Pages 159-185
    4. Abhinandan Jain
      Pages 187-208
    5. Abhinandan Jain
      Pages 209-227
    6. Abhinandan Jain
      Pages 229-243
    7. Abhinandan Jain
      Pages 245-269
  4. Advanced Topics

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 271-271
    2. Abhinandan Jain
      Pages 273-296
    3. Abhinandan Jain
      Pages 297-311
    4. Abhinandan Jain
      Pages 313-330

About this book


Robot and Multibody Dynamics: Analysis and Algorithms provides a comprehensive and detailed exposition of a new mathematical approach, referred to as the Spatial Operator Algebra (SOA), for studying the dynamics of articulated multibody systems. The approach is useful in a wide range of applications including robotics, aerospace systems, articulated mechanisms, bio-mechanics and molecular dynamics simulation. The book also: -Treats algorithms for simulation, including an analysis of complexity of the algorithms -Describes one universal, robust, and analytically sound approach to formulating the equations that govern the motion of complex multi-body systems -Covers a range of more advanced topics including under-actuated systems, flexible systems, linearization, diagonalized dynamics and space manipulators. Robot and Multibody Dynamics: Analysis and Algorithms will be a valuable resource for researchers and engineers looking for new mathematical approaches to finding engineering solutions in robotics and dynamics.


Spatial Operator Algebra (SOA) articulated multibody systems computational algorithms mathematical modeling tools multibody dynamics serial chain dynamics space manipulators spatial operators

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“The book consists of three parts. … The text contains a lot of exercises and all solutions are given at the end of the book. The key results are summarized in lemmas, each with assumptions and conclusions. The book closes with references, a list of notations and an index. The intended audience for this book consists of graduate students, Ph.D. students and scientists with an interest in analysis and algorithms in robot and multibody dynamics.” (Clementina D. Mladenova, Mathematical Reviews, April, 2015)

“The book deals with the theory of spatial operator algebra which assures a high level of abstraction for the equations that describe the dynamics of the multibody systems. … The book ends with two appendices and solutions of the exercises proposed in each chapter. The book is very useful to researchers and scientists in the field of the multibody dynamics. … A perfect reader is one which knows both mathematics and engineering.” (Nicolae-Doru Stanescu, International Journal of Acoustics and Vibration, Vol. 16 (3), 2011)

“This book now offers a comprehensive and coherent description of the SOA methodology and techniques, and of the interplay between the mathematical analysis, the structural properties, and the computational algorithms. … This book is an important contribution to the literature and deserves a wide acceptance by engineers working in the field of multibody dynamics and space manipulators.” (Franz Selig, Zentralblatt MATH, Vol. 1215, 2011)