Profiles in Operations Research

Pioneers and Innovators

  • Arjang A. Assad
  • Saul I. Gass

Part of the International Series in Operations Research & Management Science book series (ISOR, volume 147)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxiii
  2. Maurice W. Kirby, Jonathan Rosenhead
    Pages 1-29
  3. Jakob Krarup
    Pages 31-43
  4. Robert M. Oliver
    Pages 45-68
  5. Saul I. Gass
    Pages 69-81
  6. Maurice W. Kirby
    Pages 83-94
  7. Saul I. Gass
    Pages 95-111
  8. Saul I. Gass
    Pages 113-121
  9. John F. Magee
    Pages 123-141
  10. Saul I. Gass
    Pages 143-156
  11. Saul I. Gass, Jonathan Rosenhead
    Pages 157-170
  12. Arjang A. Assad
    Pages 171-200
  13. Timothy W. Ruefli, Robert R. Wiggins
    Pages 201-216
  14. Saul I. Gass
    Pages 217-240
  15. Arjang A. Assad
    Pages 241-272
  16. Nancy C. Weida
    Pages 273-291
  17. Perkins C. Pedrick
    Pages 293-307
  18. Michael H. Rothkopf
    Pages 309-324
  19. Fred Y. Phillips, Lawrence M. Seiford
    Pages 325-342
  20. Lawrence Secrest, David V. Gibson, John Sibley Butler
    Pages 343-362
  21. David C. Lane, John D. Sterman
    Pages 363-386
  22. Maurice W. Kirby, Jonathan Rosenhead
    Pages 387-402
  23. Edward K. Baker, Robert T. Plant
    Pages 403-413
  24. Arjang A. Assad
    Pages 415-445
  25. Graham K. Rand
    Pages 447-461
  26. David F. Rogers
    Pages 463-475
  27. Graham K. Rand
    Pages 477-491
  28. Ralph L. Keeney
    Pages 493-508
  29. Robert G. Bland, James B. Orlin
    Pages 509-527
  30. Saul I. Gass, Guillermo Owen
    Pages 529-546
  31. Arjang A. Assad
    Pages 547-575
  32. Luis G. Vargas
    Pages 577-591
  33. Jonathan Rosenhead
    Pages 593-612
  34. Saul I. Gass
    Pages 613-626
  35. Alan J. Hoffman
    Pages 627-642
  36. John B. Guerard Jr
    Pages 643-658
  37. John R. Hauser, Glen L. Urban
    Pages 659-676
  38. John A. Tomlin
    Pages 677-691
  39. Ellis L. Johnson
    Pages 693-705
  40. Daniel S. Nagin
    Pages 707-719
  41. Shaler Stidham Jr
    Pages 721-738
  42. W. Peter Cherry
    Pages 739-752
  43. Denis Bouyssou, Daniel Vanderpooten
    Pages 753-773
  44. James E. Matheson
    Pages 775-792
  45. Back Matter
    Pages 793-867

About this book


Profiles in Operations Research: Pioneers and Innovators recounts the development of the field of Operations Research (OR), the science of decision making. The book traces the development of OR from its military origins to a mature discipline that is recognized worldwide for its contributions to managerial planning and complex global operations. Over the past six decades, OR analyses have impacted our daily lives: when making an airline or hotel reservation, waiting in line at a bank, getting the correctly blended fuel at the gas station, and ensuring that the book you are holding arrived at its destination on time. OR originated in the late 1930s when British scientists from various disciplines joined Royal Air Force officers to determine the most effective way to employ new radar technology for intercepting enemy aircraft. During World War II, similar applied research groups were formed to study, test, and evaluate military operations on both sides of the Atlantic. Their work resulted in great improvements—OR helped the Allies win the war. The scientific field that emerged from these studies was called operational research in the U.K. and operations research in the U.S. Today, OR provides a broad and powerful science to aid decision making.

Profiles describes the lives and contributions of 43 OR pioneers and innovators and relates how these individuals, with varying backgrounds and diverse interests, were drawn to the nascent field of OR. The profiles also describe how OR techniques and applications expanded considerably beyond the military context to find new domains in business and industry. In addition to their scientific contributions, these profiles capture the life stories of the individuals—interwoven with personal tales, vivid vignettes, family backgrounds, and views of the mission and future of OR. Collectively, the profiles recount the fascinating story of the growth and development of a field enriched by the convergence of different disciplines.

The Editors: Arjang A. Assad is Dean of the School of Management, University at Buffalo, State University of New York. Saul I. Gass is Professor Emeritus, Department of Decision, Operations & Information Technologies, Smith School of Business, University of Maryland, College Park.

From the Reviews

Profiles In Operations Research: Pioneers and Innovators.
Book Review by Nigel Cummings: U.K. OR Society's e-journal, Inside OR., Sept 2011.

"I can thoroughly recommend this book. I found it both enlighteningand undeniably gripping, so much so in fact, you may find it difficultto put it down once you have commenced reading it.

Arjang A. Assad and Saul I. Gass have created a masterwork whichwill serve to immortalise [stet] the pioneers of O.R. for many years to come."

Editors and affiliations

  • Arjang A. Assad
    • 1
  • Saul I. Gass
    • 2
  1. 1., School of ManagementUniversity at Buffalo, State UniversityBuffaloUSA
  2. 2.Robert H. Smith School of BusinessUniversity of MarylandCollege ParkUSA

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