Selected Works of Debabrata Basu

  • Anirban DasGupta

Part of the Selected Works in Probability and Statistics book series (SWPS)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxvii
  2. George Casella*, Vikneswaran Gopal
    Pages 1-4
  3. Philip Dawid
    Pages 5-8
  4. Thomas J. DiCiccio, G. Alastair Young
    Pages 9-14
  5. Malay Ghosh
    Pages 15-21
  6. Joseph B. Kadane
    Pages 23-24
  7. Glen Meeden
    Pages 25-26
  8. Robert J. Serfling
    Pages 27-30
  9. Jayaram Sethuraman
    Pages 31-33
  10. A.H. Welsh
    Pages 41-44
  11. A.H. Welsh
    Pages 45-49
  12. D. Basu
    Pages 91-104
  13. D. Basu*
    Pages 143-166
  14. Debabrata Basu
    Pages 279-290
  15. D. Basu**
    Pages 291-303
  16. D. Basu, S.C. Cheng
    Pages 343-354
  17. D. Basu, R. C. Tiwari
    Pages 355-369
  18. D. Basu*, Carlos A. B. Pereira**
    Pages 371-384
  19. Publisher
    Pages E1-E3

About this book


This book contains a little more than 20 of Debabrata Basu's  most significant articles and writings. Debabrata Basu is internationally  known for his highly influential and fundamental contributions  to the foundations of statistics, survey sampling, sufficiency,  and invariance. The major theorem bearing his name has had numerous  applications to statistics and probability. The articles in this volume  are reprints of the original articles, in a chronological order. The  book also contains eleven commentaries written by some of the most  distinguished scholars in the area of foundations and statistical  inference. These commentaries are by George Casella and V. Gopal,  Phil Dawid, Tom DiCiccio and Alastair Young, Malay Ghosh, Jay kadane,  Glen Meeden, Robert Serfling, Jayaram Sethuraman, Terry Speed, and  Alan Welsh.


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