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Photonic Microresonator Research and Applications

  • Ioannis Chremmos
  • Otto Schwelb
  • Nikolaos Uzunoglu

Part of the Springer Series in Optical Sciences book series (SSOS, volume 156)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. Francesco Morichetti
    Pages 61-85
  3. Otto Schwelb, Ioannis Chremmos
    Pages 139-163
  4. Shanhui Fan, Sunil Sandhu, Clayton R. Otey, Michelle L. Povinelli
    Pages 165-180
  5. Qianfan Xu
    Pages 205-226
  6. Fei Xu, Gilberto Brambilla
    Pages 275-298
  7. Weidong Zhou, Zexuan Qiang, Richard A. Soref
    Pages 299-326
  8. Qiang Li, Min Qiu
    Pages 327-359
  9. Jacob Scheuer, Xiankai Sun
    Pages 361-391
  10. Svetlana V. Boriskina
    Pages 393-421
  11. Ming-Chang M. Lee, Ming C. Wu, David Leuenberger
    Pages 459-483

About this book


Photonic Microresonator Research and Applications explores advances in the fabrication process that enable nanometer waveguide separations. The technology surrounding the design and fabrication of optical microresonators has matured to a point where there is a need for commercialization. Consequently, there is a need for device research involving more advanced architectures and more esoteric operating princples. This volume discusses these issues, while also:

  • Showing a reader how to design and fabricate microresonators
  • Discussing microresonators in photonic crystals, microsphere circuits, and sensors, and provides application oriented examples
  • Covering the latest in microresonator research with contributions from the leading researchers

Photonic Microresonator Research and Applications would appeal to researchers and academics working in the optical sciences.



Dispersion Q factors fabrication process filter high-Q micro-and nano-cavities integrated circuit microresenators nanometer waveguide separations optical microresonators photonic

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  • Ioannis Chremmos
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  • Otto Schwelb
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  • Nikolaos Uzunoglu
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  2. 2.Dept. Electrical & Computer EngineeringConcordia UniversityMontrealCanada
  3. 3., School of Electrical andNational Technical UniversityAthensGreece

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