Reviews in Fluorescence 2008

  • Chris D. Geddes

Part of the Reviews in Fluorescence 2008 book series (RFLU, volume 2008)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. Vladimir M. Mazhul’, Alexander V. Timoshenko, Ekaterina M. Zaitseva, Svetlana G. Loznikova, Inessa V. Halets, Tatsiana S. Chernovets
    Pages 37-67
  3. Olaf Minet, Cathrin Dressler, Jürgen Beuthan, Urszula Zabaryło, Rasa Zukiene, Vida Midaziene
    Pages 89-118
  4. Sara Bonacchi, Damiano Genovese, Riccardo Juris, Ettore Marzocchi, Marco Montalti, Luca Prodi et al.
    Pages 119-137
  5. Katrin Hoffmann, Renate Mix, Joerg F. Friedrich, Ute Resch-Genger
    Pages 139-160
  6. Alphonse Tine, Stéphy E. Douabalé
    Pages 195-218
  7. Nikolai Vekshin
    Pages 219-236
  8. Annalee W. Nguyen, Xia You, Abeer M. Jabaiah, Patrick S. Daugherty
    Pages 321-335
  9. Richard N. Day, Ammasi Periasamy, Ignacio Demarco
    Pages 337-357
  10. Prajna Paramita Pal, Nediljko Budisa
    Pages 359-386
  11. Reginald J. Millwood, Hong S. Moon, C. Neal Stewart Jr
    Pages 387-403
  12. Lorenzo Stella, Gianfranco Bocchinfuso, Emanuela Gatto, Claudia Mazzuca, Mariano Venanzi, Fernando Formaggio et al.
    Pages 405-424
  13. Michael P. Begaye, Premchendar Nandhikonda, Zhi Cao, Michael D. Heagy
    Pages 461-477
  14. Publisher
    Pages 478-478
  15. Back Matter
    Pages 479-489

About this book


Reviews in Fluorescence 2008, the fifth volume of the book serial from Springer, serves as a comprehensive collection of current trends and emerging hot topics in the field of fluorescence spectroscopy. It summarizes the year’s progress in fluorescence and its applications, with authoritative analytical reviews specialized enough to be attractive to professional researchers, yet also appealing to the wider audience of scientists in related disciplines of fluorescence.

Reviews in Fluorescence offers an essential reference material for any lab working in the fluorescence field and related areas. All academics, bench scientists, and industry professionals wishing to take advantage of the latest and greatest in the continuously emerging field of fluorescence will find it an invaluable resource.

Key features:

  • Comprehensive coverage of the year's hottest and emerging topics.
  • Chapters authored by known leading figures in the fluorescence field.
  • Accessible utility in a single volume reference.
  • New volume publishes annually
  • Each Reviews in Fluorescence volume will be citable (ISI) and indexed.

Reviews in Fluorescence 2008 topics include:

  • Imaging Protein Interactions in Living Cells using the Fluorescent Proteins.
  • Engineering Green Fluorescent Proteins Using an Expanded Genetic Code.
  • The use of Fluorescence Anisotropy to Study the Preferential Orientation of Fluorophores in Organized Bi-Dimensional Systems.
  • Fluorescence Imaging of Calcium Loading and Mitochondrial Depolarization in Cancer Cells Exposed to Heat Stress.
  • Energy Transfer in Silica Nanoparticles: An Essential Tool for the Amplification Fluorescence Signals.
  • Genetically Encoded Fluorescent and Bioluminescent Probes for Illuminating Cellular Signaling Pathways.
  • Fluorescent Protein FRET Applications.

About the Editor:

Dr Chris D. Geddes, Ph.D., Professor, has extensive experience in fluorescence spectroscopy, particularly in fluorescence sensing and metal-fluorophore interactions (Metal-Enhanced Fluorescence), publishing over 190 papers and 18 books. Dr Geddes is internationally known in fluorescence for his scholarly publications and for the development of fluorescence-based plasmonics. He is the editor-in-chief of the Journal of Fluorescence and founding editor of the Who’s Who in Fluorescence and Annual Reviews in Fluorescence volumes. In addition, due to the labs pioneering efforts in the fields of metallic nanoparticle-fluorophore interactions, Dr Geddes launched the Springer Journal "Plasmonics" in 2005. Dr Geddes is Director of the Institute of Fluorescence at the University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute which focuses on the nano-bio-technological applications of fluorescence. Dr Geddes frequently chairs NIH study sections, is a frequent member of the NIBIB special emphasis sensing panels and is currently a permanent member of the NIH EBT study section.


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