Cell-Extracellular Matrix Interactions in Cancer

  • Roy Zent
  • Ambra  Pozzi

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  2. Jeffrey H. Miner
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  5. Vadim Pedchenko, Ambra Pozzi
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  6. Jerome Jourquin, Manisha Tripathi, Cherise Guess, Vito Quaranta
    Pages 87-109
  7. Christie J. Avraamides, Judith A. Varner
    Pages 111-136
  8. Eric Murphy, Dwayne Stupack
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  9. Ralph D. Sanderson, Yang Yang, Anurag Purushothaman, Yekaterina B. Khotskaya, Joseph P. Ritchie, Vishnu C. Ramani
    Pages 191-215
  10. Andries Zijlstra
    Pages 217-243
  11. Paul C. McDonald, Shoukat Dedhar
    Pages 245-273
  12. Vita M. Golubovskaya, Elizabeth A. Beierle, Steven N. Hochwald, Elena V. Kurenova, William G. Cance
    Pages 275-305
  13. Back Matter
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About this book


Cells require interactions with extracellular matrix (ECM) components in order to undergo normal morphogenesis with respect to organogenesis. ECM plays a significant role in regulating numerous cellular functions, like cell shape, adhesion, migration, proliferation, polarity, differentiation and apoptosis. In pathological conditions such as cancer, increased synthesis of certain ECM components and/or increased breakdown with consequent generation of ECM cleavage products can contribute to cancer growth and progression. That many growth factors (i.e. FGF, VEGF) are stored in the ECM milieu and are released upon protease-dependent cleavage further confirms the importance of ECM in regulating cell functions.

Cell-Extracellular Matrix Interactions in Cancer describes how ECM creates a niche for tumor formation and the contribution of ECM components and their respective receptors in the development and spread of cancer.


cancer cell cell biology glycoprotein membrane metastasis proteins research tumor

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