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About this book


Every day, customers see the results of companies where fiefdoms have formed and silos create divisional or departmental strife: poor sales and profits, and lackluster products. It’s not hard to see that such companies are headed for an early grave.  

Regardless of the manner in which company fractures manifest themselves, tech leaders must find a way to rid their workplaces of the divisions that threaten to undermine their company’s productivity, profits, and survival. That’s why, in Unite the Tribes: Leadership Skills for Technology Managers, Christopher Duncan, bestselling author of The Career Programmer, provides corporate leaders with a ten-point plan for joining their company’s divided ranks together in a way that helps employees achieve their goals while also accomplishing those of the company.  

Using the metaphors of the company as empire and the groups that form within companies as tribes, Duncan explains that the formation of tribes within an empire is unavoidable. After all, regardless of the situation in which they find themselves, human beings are social creatures who align themselves with those whose goals and motivations match their own. That’s why the accountants hang together in the break room, while developers talk shop and geek culture in a watering hole down the street. Yet the job of leaders is to build a cohesive, powerful, and enduring empire by bringing all groups together in service to a shared, inspiring mission. And that goes double for tech companies, where breakthroughs create new landscapes on a daily basis. In Unite the Tribes, you will learn:

  • How to build alliances and a spirit of unity across all levels of the  company to achieve higher employee morale, greater profits, and increased productivity.
  • How to come up with strategies that win market share as well as the hearts and minds of your employees. How to manage conflict.
  • Why self-interest rules the day and how knowing another’s wants and needs helps you achieve goals of your own.
Unite the Tribes will show you, the visionary leader, how to establish an empire by convincing your tribes of a simple but crucial truth: Alone, you are weak and vulnerable. United, you are invincible.  

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