Effective Frontline Fundraising

A Guide for Non-Profits, Political Candidates, and Advocacy Groups

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About this book


Today, nearly every charitable nonprofit, advocacy group, professional group, and politician relies on the philanthropy of others. Whether it's a private college, a hospital or museum, a lobbying group, or a local, low-budget food shelf, operational and marketing costs and capital investments are often largely underwritten through the generous support of donors. Nonprofits need some people to write $25 checks on a regular basis, and they need others to make six-figure pledges. The bad news: Since the economic collapse of 2008, getting people to part with precious dollars has become ever more difficult. The good news is that people are still inclined to be generous to organizations, causes, and candidates they believe in. Effective Frontline Fundraising provides the information you'll need to set up and manage an effective development team capable of consistently raising gifts, both large and small.

Effective Frontline Fundraising will not only teach those skills for getting the gift you want in the short run, but it will also show how to build a meaningful, long-lasting relationship between your organization and your donor base. This book:

  • Shows how to keep that organizational lifeblood—cash—running through your vital operations
  • Explains how to create a firm foundation from which to solicit funds
  • Provides examples of successful and unsuccessful fundraising messages and plans
  • Teaches you how to ask confidently for gifts from $25 to $1,000,000 … or more!

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