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Pro Android Web Game Apps

Using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript

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About this book


Dive into game development and create great multiplayer online games with Pro Android Web Game Apps. This hands-on guide covers both the theory and practice of browser game development for the Android platform. You'll use cutting-edge technologies to make game engines in your browser, establish real-time server communication, and create amazing gaming experiences with artificial intelligence and rich media.

Bring your knowledge of HTML and JavaScript to the next level with Pro Android Web Game Apps. You are guided through exciting projects that give you firsthand experience with core game app development concepts. You'll start with a blank HTML page, and by the end of the book, have the skills needed to  create a multiplayer online game with rich graphics, sound, animation, and more—even if you have no previous games development or server-side experience.  

    About the authors

    Juriy Bura is a software engineer who lives in Kiev, Ukraine with his wife and daughter. Having more than seven years of experience in Java and JavaScript, he is sure that game development is the area with the most fun concentrated in a line of code. His passion for games development started at the age of 10, when he got his first PC. After few days, he asked: "Playing is fun, but how do I make my own game?" With that thought in mind and after never-ending programming experiments, he graduated from the cybernetics department of Kiev National University already being a part-time J2ME game developer. For the past three years, he has worked as an independent consultant, with his main area of expertise being rich web applications for both desktop and mobile platforms. Juriy spends his spare time with family or playing board games in a small geek club. When he's not lucky throwing the die, he takes his airsoft equipment and drives outside to play a first-person shooter with his buddies.

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