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Pro PHP Application Performance

Tuning PHP Web Projects for Maximum Performance

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  • This book contains tips, tricks, and techniques to make new and existing PHP applications much faster and less resource-hungry.


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    Pages i-xvi
  2. Armando Padilla, Tim Hawkins
    Pages 1-24
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    Pages 25-53
  4. Armando Padilla, Tim Hawkins
    Pages 55-81
  5. Armando Padilla, Tim Hawkins
    Pages 83-107
  6. Armando Padilla, Tim Hawkins
    Pages 109-129
  7. Armando Padilla, Tim Hawkins
    Pages 131-163
  8. Armando Padilla, Tim Hawkins
    Pages 165-188
  9. Armando Padilla, Tim Hawkins
    Pages 189-208
  10. Back Matter
    Pages 209-244

About this book


Pro PHP Application Performance will help you understand all the technologies and components which play a role in how well your applications run. When seconds can mean the difference between retaining a user and losing a user, it's important for all of us to have optimization as part of our project roadmap. But what components within your application should you analyze? How should you optimize? And how can you measure how well your application is performing? These are some of the questions that are answered in this book.

Along the way you will also learn the "why" of optimizing. You’ll discover why you should optimize a specific component, why selecting one function over another is beneficial, and how to find and use the optimization tools available to the open source community. You’ll also learn how to deploy caching software as well as web server software. Pro PHP Application Performance will also teach you more advanced techniques, such as:

• Using Xdebug to profile functions that are not running as efficiently as possible.

• Comparing opcode executed by different PHP functions to narrow the search for functions that run efficiently.

• Using strace to analyze Apache while your application is served to the user.

Once you complete this book you will have a complete sense of where to start optimizing and, most importantly, have the tools which allow you to continue optimizing in other PHP applications going forward.

About the authors

Armando Padilla has over 10 years in the PHP community, and has contributed PHP development of asset management tools to both "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" and "Saturday Night Live". He contributed to the Zend framework powered social networking web site, an project for "The Office". He is currently an active PHP developer at Yahoo!, and is working on his master's degree in the computer science, semantic web, and data mining fields.

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