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Beginning C# 2008

From Novice to Professional

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  • One of the first books to be published dealing with the Orcas technology for the beginning audience

  • Written from scratch, specifically for this release, by an experienced author to teach beginners exactly what they need to know in order to achieve their goals

  • Comprehensive and thorough – the book is tailored to turn an interested amateur into a competent, well-grounded, programmer


About this book


This book is for anyone who wants to write good C# 2008 code—even if you have never programmed before.

Writing good code can be a challenge. There are so many options, especially in a language like C#. If you want to really get the best from a programming language, you need to know which features work best in which situations and understand their strengths and weaknesses. It is this understanding that makes the difference between coding and coding well.

Beginning C# 2008 has been written to teach you how to use the C# programming language to solve problems. From the earliest chapters, and from the first introductory concepts, you'll be looking at real-world programming challenges and learning how C# can be used to overcome them. As you progress through the book, the problems become more involved and interesting, while the solutions become correspondingly more complex and powerful as C# features interact to achieve the results that you want.

By the time you've finished reading this book and worked through the sample exercises, you'll be a confident and very competent C# programmer. You will still have many explorations of the .NET Framework API to look forward to in your future career, but you will have a firm foundation to build from and you will know exactly where to go to find the things that you need to progress confidently in your projects.

Christian Gross is dedicated to helping his readers understand every detail of Beginning C# 2008. You can contact him via Skype (christianhgross) if you have bought this book and have a question about something he discusses. If Christian is available when you contact him, he will even try to answer you right away!


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About the authors

Christian Gross is a consultant with vast experience in the client/server world. He has consulted for Microsoft on DNA solutions, and he has held consulting positions with Daimler Benz, Microsoft, NatWest, and other major corporations. Gross was a contributor to Professional Active Server Pages, Professional SQL Server 6.5 Administration, Professional NT Internet Information Server Administration, and Programming Microsoft Windows 2000 Unleashed. He is the author of A Programmer's Introduction to Windows DNA.

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