The Nile

Origin, Environments, Limnology and Human Use

  • Editors
  • Henri J. Dumont

Part of the Monographiae Biologicae book series (MOBI, volume 89)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiv
  2. Origin

    1. Michael R. Talbot, Martin A.J. Williams
      Pages 37-60
    2. Martin A.J. Williams, Michael R. Talbot
      Pages 61-72
  3. Major Nilotic Environments

    1. Waleed Hamza
      Pages 75-94
    2. Gamal M. El-Shabrawy, Henri J. Dumont
      Pages 95-124
    3. Gamal M. El-Shabrawy
      Pages 125-155
    4. Gamal M. El-Shabrawy, Henri J. Dumont
      Pages 157-162
    5. Jacobus Vijverberg, Ferdinand A. Sibbing, Eshete Dejen
      Pages 163-192
    6. Jim Green, Asim I. El-Moghraby
      Pages 193-204
    7. Jim Green
      Pages 205-214
    8. John T. Lehman
      Pages 215-241
    9. Hilde Eggermont, Kay Van Damme, James M. Russell
      Pages 243-261
    10. Jim Green
      Pages 263-286
    11. Thomas C. Johnson, John O. Malala
      Pages 287-304
  4. Climates and Hydrology

    1. Pierre Camberlin
      Pages 307-333
    2. John V. Sutcliffe
      Pages 335-364
  5. Limnology and Biological Diversity

    1. Jack F. Talling
      Pages 367-394
    2. Saleh Ahmed Rabeh
      Pages 407-429
    3. Jack F. Talling, Faisal Sinada, Ola E. Taha, Emad M. H. Sobhy
      Pages 431-462
    4. Mahmoud A. Zahran
      Pages 463-478
    5. Osman M. M. Ali
      Pages 479-494
    6. Henri J. Dumont
      Pages 495-498
    7. Samir I. Ghabbour
      Pages 499-520
    8. Gamal M. El-Shabrawy, Mohamed R. Fishar
      Pages 563-583
    9. Dirk Van Damme, Bert Van Bocxlaer
      Pages 585-629
    10. Frans Witte, Martien J. P. van Oijen, Ferdinand A. Sibbing
      Pages 647-675
    11. Jim Green
      Pages 705-720
  6. Human Use

    1. Frans Witte, Martin de Graaf, Oliva C. Mkumbo, Asim I. El-Moghraby, Ferdinand A. Sibbing
      Pages 723-747
    2. Martin A. J. Williams
      Pages 771-779
    3. Springer Science + Business Media B.V
      Pages 819-819
  7. Back Matter
    Pages 781-818

About this book


The book discusses the Nile basin from a holistic point of view, giving due attention to its geological history, hydrology, climate, and the full diversity of subsystems like lakes and swamps. It discusses at length the biota of the basin, and derives general conclusions on the biodiversity of the plants and animals that inhabit it. It also examines the effects of human interventions, mainly dam building, but also pollution and eutrophication. It ends with several contributions on the natural resource value of water, and the constraints this imposes on the policies of the riparian states.


Biogeography Eutrophication Fauna Fresh water Reservoir and lake biology River Ecology Sustainable development Water quality and management biodiversity ecology environment limnology phytoplankton plankton water quality

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