Current Concepts in Forensic Entomology

  • Jens Amendt
  • M.Lee Goff
  • Carlo P. Campobasso
  • Martin Grassberger

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-viii
  2. Patricia J. Thyssen
    Pages 25-42
  3. John M. Midgley, Cameron S. Richards, Martin H. Villet
    Pages 57-68
  4. Crystal L. Frost, Henk R. Braig, Jens Amendt, M. Alejandra Perotti
    Pages 93-108
  5. Elena N. Ieno, Jens Amendt, Heike Fremdt, Anatoly A. Saveliev, Alain F. Zuur
    Pages 139-162
  6. Lucila Maria Lopes de Carvalho
    Pages 163-178
  7. Hélène N. LeBlanc, James G. Logan
    Pages 205-221
  8. Emmanuel Gaudry
    Pages 273-311
  9. M. Lee Goff, Carlo P. Campobasso, Mirella Gherardi
    Pages 313-325
  10. Margherita Turchetto, Stefano Vanin
    Pages 327-351
  11. Jens Amendt, Richard Zehner, Diana G. Johnson, Jeffrey Wells
    Pages 353-368
  12. Back Matter
    Pages 369-376

About this book


Twenty years ago the use of entomology in a crime scene investigation was considered bizarre, despite the solid scientific background and documented historical applications. Today, the use of insect evidence is an accepted sub-discipline in modern forensic science. Nevertheless, forensic entomology is still growing and remains a living scientific discipline with many branches. The present book highlights this diversity by collecting contributions dealing with novel aspects, for example, marine biology, chemical ecology and acarology, as well as the basic disciplines like entomotoxiciology and decomposition. It also offers keys for immature insects, discussions of important pitfalls and introductions to the statistical evaluation of data sets. Many topics are covered in depth for the first time. All the authors are leading experts in their respective fields of research. Their chapters show directions for future research for both new and veteran forensic entomologists. Undoubtedly, forensic entomology will continue to grow and attract new professionals, students, as well as interested observers. This book is written for all of them.


arthropods biology ecology entomology environment identification insect insects invertebrates marine biology toxicology

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  2. 2.Forensic Science ProgramChaminade University of HonoluluHonoluluU.S.A.
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