Atmospheric and Biological Environmental Monitoring

  • Young J. Kim
  • Ulrich Platt
  • Man Bock Gu
  • Hitoshi Iwahashi

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XIX
  2. Atmospheric Environment Monitoring

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Kwon H. Lee, Zhanqing Li, Young J. Kim, Alexander Kokhanovsky
      Pages 13-38
    3. Ke Du, Mark J. Rood, Byung J. Kim, Michael R. Kemme, Bill Franek, Kevin Mattison
      Pages 39-50
    4. Chulkyu Lee, Randall V. Martin, Aaron van Donkelaar, Andreas Richter, John P. Burrows, Young J. Kim
      Pages 63-72
    5. Ram A. Hashmonay, Robert H. Kagann, Mark J. Rood, Byung J. Kim, Michael R. Kemme, Jack Gillies
      Pages 73-81
    6. Seung-Bok Lee, Gwi-Nam Bae, Kil-Choo Moon
      Pages 105-136
    7. Maria doCarmo Freitas, Adriano M.G. Pacheco, Isabel Dionísio, Bruno J. Vieira
      Pages 137-157
  3. Contaminants Control Process Monitoring

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 159-159
    2. Kai Lehnberg, Lubomira Kovalova, Christian Kazner, Thomas Wintgens, Thomas Schettgen, Thomas Melin et al.
      Pages 161-178
  4. Environmental Toxicity Monitoring and Assessment

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 191-191
    2. Javed H. Niazi, Man Bock Gu
      Pages 193-206
    3. Tetsuji Higashi, Yoshihide Tanaka, Randeep Rakwal, Junko Shibato, Shin-ichi Wakida, Hitoshi Iwahashi
      Pages 207-218
    4. Katsuhide Fujita, Yasuo Morimoto, Akira Ogami, Isamu Tanaka, Shigehisa Endoh, Kunio Uchida et al.
      Pages 219-227
    5. Emiko Kitagawa, Katsuyuki Kishi, Tomotaka Ippongi, Hiroshi Kawauchi, Keisuke Nakazono, Katsunori Suzuki et al.
      Pages 229-239
    6. Jost Ludwig, Marcel Schmitt, Hella Lichtenberg-Fraté
      Pages 251-259
    7. Junhong Min, Cheol-Heon Yea, Waleed Ahmed El-Said, Jeong-Woo Choi
      Pages 261-273
    8. Hidenori Nagai, Masayuki Matsubara, Kenji Chayama, Joji Urakawa, Yasuhiko Shibutani, Yoshihide Tanaka et al.
      Pages 275-284
    9. Ik Joon Kang, Junya Moroishi, Mitoshi Yamasuga, Sang Gyoon Kim, Yuji Oshima
      Pages 285-293
  5. Back Matter
    Pages 303-311

About this book


The harmful impacts of pollution on atmospheric, terrestrial and aquatic environments can cause extreme temperature changes, clean water shortage, and increase toxicity. This book studies environmental pollution impacts, from the mechanism of toxic nanoparticles on the molecular level to the detection of trace gas on the satellite perspective. It presents recent developments in advanced monitoring techniques, efficient process technologies and health impact assessment tools, from environmental scientists of diversified fields. The three sections highlight important aspects of emerging monitoring technologies in Atmospheric Environment, Contaminants Control Process and Environmental Toxicity Assessment. Observational tools presented in the first section range from in-situ analytical to digital techniques for atmospheric monitoring. Highlighted in the second section is the recently developed water quality monitoring system for lake stratification and membrane technologies for detection and removal of contaminants. Lastly, toxicity mechanisms of endocrine disruptors and nanoparticles are highlighted on the third section, with important new discoveries.

The major topics addressed are: atmospheric environmental monitoring, including monitoring and modeling of trace air pollutants, contaminants control process monitoring, environmental toxicity monitoring and assessments, biological and chemical monitoring for environmental toxicity, monitoring technology for desalination water quality and toxicity measurement of desalted and concentrated water.


Aerosol Monitoring Scale Smog biological contaminants emission emissions environment environmental monitoring health pollution satellite temperature toxicity

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  • Ulrich Platt
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  • Man Bock Gu
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  • Hitoshi Iwahashi
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  1. 1.Department of Environmental Science and EngineeringGwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST)Gwangju 500-712Republic of Korea
  2. 2.Institute of Environmental PhysicsUniversity of HeidelbergD-69120 HeidelbergGermany
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  4. 4.Health Technology Research CenterNational Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and TechnologyIkedaJapan

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