Tagging and Tracking of Marine Animals with Electronic Devices

  • Jennifer L. Nielsen
  • Haritz Arrizabalaga
  • Nuno Fragoso
  • Alistair Hobday
  • Molly Lutcavage
  • John Sibert

Part of the Reviews: Methods and Technologies in Fish Biology and Fisheries book series (REME, volume 9)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxvi
  2. Behavioural Insights Based on the Use of Electronic Tags

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-3
    2. Behaviour Using Acoustic Tags

      1. Elina Halttunen, Audun H. Rikardsen, Jan G. Davidsen, Eva B. Thorstad, J. Brian Dempson
        Pages 35-49
      2. Nicolas Goñi, Igor Arregui, Ainhoa Lezama, Haritz Arrizabalaga, Gala Moreno
        Pages 51-73
    3. Acoustic Tag Networks

    4. Behaviour Using Archival Tags

      1. V.A. Quayle, D. Righton, S. Hetherington, G. Pickett
        Pages 103-119
      2. John D. Neilson, Sean Smith, François Royer, Stacey D. Paul, Julie M. Porter, Molly Lutcavage
        Pages 145-159
      3. Bruno Leroy, David G. Itano, Thomas Usu, Simon J. Nicol, Kim N. Holland, John Hampton
        Pages 161-179
      4. Aurélie Jolivet, Hélène de Pontual, François Garren, Marie-Laure Bégout
        Pages 181-193
      5. Piero Addis, Ivan Locci, Aldo Corriero, Angelo Cau
        Pages 195-207
    5. Behaviour Using Novel Tags

      1. Jonathon D.R. Houghton, Nikolai Liebsch, Thomas K. Doyle, Adrian C. Gleiss, Martin K.S. Lilley, Rory P. Wilson et al.
        Pages 229-242
      2. J.D. Metcalfe, M.C. Fulcher, S.R. Clarke, M.J. Challiss, S. Hetherington
        Pages 243-254
  3. Geolocation Methods

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 255-255
    2. Uffe Høgsbro Thygesen, Anders Nielsen
      Pages 257-276
    3. Uffe Høgsbro Thygesen, Martin Wæver Pedersen, Henrik Madsen
      Pages 277-293
    4. Anders Nielsen, John R. Sibert, Suzanne Kohin, Michael K. Musyl
      Pages 295-309
    5. John R. Sibert, Anders Nielsen, Michael K. Musyl, Bruno Leroy, Karen Evans
      Pages 311-322
  4. Applications of Electronic Tags to Fisheries Management

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 365-365
    2. Jason R. Hartog, Toby A. Patterson, Klaas Hartmann, Paavo Jumppanen, Scott Cooper, Russell Bradford
      Pages 367-380
    3. Alistair J. Hobday, Nicole Flint, Trysh Stone, John S. Gunn
      Pages 381-403
    4. Alistair J. Hobday, Ryo Kawabe, Yoshimi Takao, Kazushi Miyashita, Tomoyuki Itoh
      Pages 405-422
    5. Pedro Afonso, Jorge Fontes, Rui Guedes, Fernando Tempera, Kim N. Holland, Ricardo S. Santos
      Pages 423-443
    6. Publisher
      Pages E1-E1
  5. Back Matter
    Pages 445-452

About this book


The 2nd international tagging and tracking symposium was held in San Sebastian, Spain, in October 2007, seven years after the first symposium was held in Hawaii in 2000 (Sibert and Nielsen 2001). In the intervening seven years, there have been major advances in both the capability and reliability of electronic tags and analytical approaches for geolocation of tagged animals in marine habitats. Advances such as increased data storage capacity, sensor development, and tag miniaturization have allowed researchers to track a much wider array of marine animals, not just large and charismatic species. Importantly, data returned by these tags are now being used in population analyses and movement simulations that can be directly utilized in stock assessments and other management applications. Papers in this volume are divided into three sections, the first describing insights in behavior achieved using acoustic, archival, and novel tags, the second reporting on advances in methods of geolocation, while the final section includes contributions where tag data have been used in management of marine species. Accurate documentation of animal movements and behaviors in critical marine habitats are impossible to obtain with other technologies. The management and conservation of marine species are critical in today’s changing ocean environment and as electronic tags become more accurate and functional for a diversity of organisms their application continues to grow, setting new standards in science and technology.


Electronic tags Fisheries Management Geolocation analyses Marine fishes behavior marine animals marine species

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