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International Symposium on History of Machines and Mechanisms

Proceedings of HMM 2008

  • Hong-Sen Yan
  • Marco Ceccarelli
Conference proceedings

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-IX
  2. Chung-Ching Lee, Charles W. Stammers, Glen Mullineux
    Pages 21-34
  3. José Luis Muñoz Sanz, Emilio Bautista Paz, Marco Ceccarelli, Javier Echávarri Otero, Pilar Lafont Morgado, Andrés Díaz Lantada et al.
    Pages 69-82
  4. Marco Ceccarelli, Paolo De Paolis
    Pages 83-100
  5. Flavio Russo, Cesare Rossi, Marco Ceccarelli, Ferruccio Russo
    Pages 101-114
  6. Javier Echávarri Otero, Andrés Díaz Lantada, José Luis Muñoz Sanz, Marco Ceccarelli, Emilio Bautista Paz, Pilar Lafont Morgado et al.
    Pages 115-132
  7. C. López-Cajún, M. Rafael-Morales, J. Cervantes-de-Gortari, R. Colás-Ortiz
    Pages 151-164
  8. Baichun Zhang
    Pages 203-214
  9. Tian Miao, Zhang Baichun
    Pages 251-268

About these proceedings


The HMM 2008 International Symposium on History of Machines and Mechanisms is the third event of a series started in 2000 as the main activity of the IFToMM Permanent commission for History of MMS (Mechanism and Machine Science).

The aim of History of Machines and Mechanisms conferences is to establish an international forum for presenting and discussing historical developments in the field of Mechanism and Machine Science (MMS). The subject area covers all aspects of the development of HMM, such as machines, mechanisms, kinematics, design methods, etc., that are related to people, events, objects, indeed, anything that assisted in the development of the HMM, and is presented in the form of reasoning and arguments, demonstration and identification, and description and evaluation.

The HMM 2008 Proceedings contain 26 papers by authors from all over the world. The topics include historical development on mechanism and machine theory, historical figures and their works, history of mechanical engineering, ancient machines and mechanisms, reconstruction design of ancient devices, mechanism and machine design, and engineering education. This book is of interest to researchers, graduate students and engineers specializing or promoting the history of science and technology, in particular on mechanism and machine science. This book will provide the readers with extensive background information on the origin and the history of the invention of fundamental machines and mechanisms, and will undoubtedly provide further understanding and motivation for their own research and/or consultancy work.

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Editors and affiliations

  • Hong-Sen Yan
    • 1
  • Marco Ceccarelli
    • 2
  1. 1.Dept. Mechanical EngineeringNat. Cheng Kung UniversityTainan 701Taiwan R.O.C
  2. 2.Dipto. Meccanica, StruttureUniversità Cassino03043 CassinoItaly

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From the reviews:

“International Symposium on History of Machines and Mechanisms 2008 took place from November 11-14 at the National Cheng Kung University … . Chinese and Japanese scientists introducing the results of their research in English, makes a great deal of detailed knowledge … to the western reader for the first time. … is valuable for all students of Asian history willing to broaden their horizons, and … for any other reader to get detailed insights into the world of the history of technology in East Asia.” (Alexander Jost, East Asian Science, Technology, and Medicine, Issue 33, 2011)