Unexploded Ordnance Detection and Mitigation

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  2. Patrice Abry, Stéphane Jaffard, Stéphane Roux, Béatrice Vedel, Herwig Wendt
    Pages 1-20
  3. Arnaldo D'Amico, Corrado Di Natale, Fabio Lo Castro, Sergio Iarossi, Alexandro Catini, Eugenio Martinelli
    Pages 21-59
  4. Christopher John Baker, Hugh Duncan Griffiths
    Pages 61-87
  5. Hugh Griffiths, Alastair McAslan
    Pages 125-140
  6. Chr. Kabakchiev, V. Behar, B. Vassileva, D. Angelova, K. Aleksiev, V. Kyovtorov et al.
    Pages 141-164
  7. Lena Klasén
    Pages 165-187
  8. Kevin O'Neill, Juan Pablo Fernández
    Pages 197-221
  9. Gennadiy Pochanin
    Pages 223-233
  10. Michal Šorel, Filip Šroubek, Jan Flusser
    Pages 259-272
  11. Edmund J. Sullivan
    Pages 273-281
  12. Back Matter
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About these proceedings


The chapters in this volume were presented at the July–August 2008 NATO Advanced Study Institute on Unexploded Ordnance Detection and Mitigation. The conference was held at the beautiful Il Ciocco resort near Lucca, in the glorious Tuscany region of northern Italy. For the ninth time we gathered at this idyllic spot to explore and extend the reciprocity between mathematics and engineering. The dynamic interaction between world-renowned scientists from the usually disparate communities of pure mathematicians and applied scientists which occurred at our eight previous ASI’s continued at this meeting. The detection and neutralization of unexploded ordnance (UXO) has been of major concern for very many decades; at least since the First World war. UXO continues to be the subject of intensive research in many ?elds of science, incl- ing mathematics, signal processing (mainly radar and sonar) and chemistry. While today’s headlines emphasize the mayhem resulting from the placement of imp- vised explosive devices (IEDs), humanitarian landmine clearing continues to draw signi?cant global attention as well. In many countries of the world, landmines threaten the population and hinder reconstruction and fast, ef?cient utilization of large areas of the mined land in the aftermath of military con?icts.


Detection of Explosive devices Landmine detection NATO Sensors for Explosive detection Terrorist bomb detection Unexploded Ordnance Detection fingerprint

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