Sensors for Environment, Health and Security

Advanced Materials and Technologies

  • Marie-Isabelle Baraton
Conference proceedings

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxiii
  2. Materials and Technologies

    1. Shivaji B. Sadale, George Kiriakidis
      Pages 47-66
    2. Teresa Andreu, Jordi Arbiol, Joan Ramon Morante
      Pages 67-75
    3. Csaba Balázsi, Katarina Sedlácková, Judit Pfeifer, Attila L. Tóth, Esra Ozkan Zayim, Imre Miklos Szilágyi et al.
      Pages 77-91
    4. Roman Pavelko, Alexey Vasiliev, Vladimir Sevastyanov, Xavier Vilanova, Xavier Correig
      Pages 93-103
    5. Florica Manea, Dana Perniu, Joop Schoonman
      Pages 105-123
    6. Andrey Ryzhikov, Michel Labeau, Alexandre Gaskov
      Pages 141-157
    7. George Kiriakidis, Konstantinos Moschovis, Shivaji B. Sadale
      Pages 159-178
    8. Florica Manea, Ciprian Radovan, Aniela Pop, Ioana Corb, Georgeta Burtica, Plamen Malchev et al.
      Pages 179-189
    9. Alexey Vasiliev, Roman Pavelko, Sergey Gogish-Klushin, Dmitriy Kharitonov, Olga Gogish-Klushina, Alexandr Pisliakov et al.
      Pages 205-227
    10. Gregory Horler
      Pages 239-252
  3. Applications to Environment, Health and Security

    1. Arkady A. Karyakin
      Pages 255-265
    2. G. Sergei Ignatov, G. Alexander Voloshin, Yu. Svetlana Filippovich, R. David Walt
      Pages 267-276
    3. Karolien Jans, Kristien Bonroy, Gunter Reekmans, Randy De Palma, Sara Peeters, Hilde Jans et al.
      Pages 277-294
    4. Michael Gebinoga, Irina Cimalla, Liele Silveira, Maren Klett, Vadim Lebedev, Florentina Niebelschütz et al.
      Pages 311-318
    5. G. Sergei Ignatov, G. Alexander Voloshin, N. Sergei Virjasov, N. Galina Fedjukuna, V. Vladimir Mochalov, A. Elena Ganina et al.
      Pages 333-345
    6. Andrew Mills
      Pages 371-388
    7. Pedro Medelius
      Pages 389-400
    8. Ana-Maria Gurban, Lucian Rotariu, Madalina Tudorache, Camelia Bala, Thierry Noguer
      Pages 401-413
    9. José Antonio Gabaldón, A. Martínez, E. Núñez-Delicado, M. A. González-Martínez, D. Jornet, R. Puchades et al.
      Pages 415-430
    10. Aisha Haynes, Pelagia-Irene Gouma
      Pages 451-459
    11. James E. Hardy, Bruce J. Warmack, Nickolay Lavrik, Panos G. Datskos, Charles L. Britton Jr.
      Pages 461-478
  4. Back Matter
    Pages 493-497

About these proceedings


The NATO Advanced Study Institute on “Sensors for Environment, Health and Security: Advanced Materials and Technology” was held in Vichy (France) on September 16–27, 2007 where more than 65 participants, ranging from Ph. D. students to experienced senior scientists, met and exchanged ideas and know-how in a friendly atmosphere. The present book intends to cover the main topics of this NATO ASI through 32 chapters distributed over two parts (Part I: “Materials and Technologies” and Part II: “Applications to Environment, Health and Security”). The scientific programme of the NATO ASI consisted in 28 1-hour lectures given by 14 invited lecturers, 5 additional 1-hour lectures given by seminar speakers, 22 oral presentations by selected ASI participants and a poster session. The programme was divided into four sessions: (1) Advanced materials and technologies; (2) Sensors for environment; (3) Sensors for health; (4) Sensors for security. During the “Advanced Materials and Technologies” session (Part I of the present book), the lectures were dedicated to critical analyses of current methods for the synthesis of materials, nanomaterials (nanoparticles, nanowires, nanotubes, …) and nanocomposites to be used for the fabrication of sensing devices, mainly semiconductor sensors. Among the synthesis methods, chemical (sol-gel, etc. ) and physical methods (laser deposition, DC magnetron sputtering, etc. ) were discussed. Several lectures addressed characterization techniques and it was concluded that the physical and chemical control of the materials/nanomaterials, including surface chemistry, remains a key issue for the reproducibility of the final device.


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