Design Computing and Cognition '08

Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Design Computing and Cognition

  • John S. Gero
  • Ashok K. Goel
Conference proceedings

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. Shape Grammars

    1. Seth Orsborn, Jonathan Cagan, Peter Boatwright
      Pages 3-22
    2. Francois Grobler, Ajla Aksamija, Hyunjoo Kim, Ramesh Krishnamurti, Kui Yue, Casey Hickerson
      Pages 23-40
    3. Sungwoo Lim, Miquel Prats, Scott Chase, Steve Garner
      Pages 41-60
    4. Djordje Krstic
      Pages 81-100
  3. Design Cognition – 1

    1. Jeffrey V. Nickerson, James E. Corter, Barbara Tversky, Doris Zahner, Yun Jin Rho
      Pages 103-122
    2. Maria Kozhevnikov, Jodie Royan, Olesya Blazhenkova, Andrey Gorbunov
      Pages 143-157
  4. Knowledge-Based Design

    1. Madan Mohan Dabbeeru, Amitabha Mukerjee
      Pages 201-220
    2. Janet E. Burge, James D. Kiper
      Pages 221-239
    3. Benjamin W Caldwell, Chiradeep Sen, Gregory M Mocko, Joshua D Summers, Georges M Fadel
      Pages 261-280
  5. Sketching, Diagrams and Visualization

    1. Françoise Darses, Anaïs Mayeur, Catherine Elsen, Pierre Leclercq
      Pages 283-302
    2. Zafer Bilda, John S. Gero
      Pages 303-320
    3. Uday Athavankar, P. Bokil, K. Guruprasad, R. Patsute, S. Sharma
      Pages 321-340
    4. Athanassios Economou, Thomas Grasl
      Pages 361-373
  6. Design Creativity

    1. Amit Banerjee, Juan C. Quiroz, Sushil J. Louis
      Pages 397-416
    2. Andrés Gómez de Silva Garza, Arám Zamora Lores
      Pages 417-436
  7. Design Cognition – 2

  8. Design Support

    1. Franz Maier, Wolfgang Mayer, Markus Stumptner, Arndt Muehlenfeld
      Pages 513-532
    2. Somwrita Sarkar, Andy Dong, John S. Gero
      Pages 533-552
    3. Tolga Kurtoglu, Albert Swantner, Matthew I. Campbell
      Pages 553-572
    4. Xiong Wang, Andy Dong
      Pages 573-592
    5. Carole Bouchard, Jean-francois Omhover, Celine Mougenot, Ameziane Aoussat, Stephen J. Westerman
      Pages 593-611
  9. Spatial Configuration

    1. Anna Laskari, Sean Hanna, Christian Derix
      Pages 615-634
    2. Kinda Al-Sayed, Ruth Conroy Dalton, Christoph Hölscher
      Pages 635-654
    3. Jan Halatsch, Antje Kunze, Gerhard Schmitt
      Pages 655-673
  10. The Virtual and the Physical

    1. Maura Mengoni, Michele Germani
      Pages 677-696
    2. Daniel Cardoso, Lawrence Sass
      Pages 713-732
  11. Back Matter
    Pages 733-736

About these proceedings


This is the third volume of the new conference series Design Computing and Cognition (DCC) that takes over from and subsumes the successful series Artificial Intelligence in Design (AID) published by Kluwer (now Springer) since 1992. The AID volumes have become standard reference texts for the field. It is expected that the DCC volumes will perform the same role. Design Computing and Cognition’04 and Design Computing and Cognition’06 both edited by John S Gero, were published by Springer.

This new biennial conference series provides an international forum for the presentation and discussion of state-of-the-art and cutting-edge design research. The conference proceedings will form a continuing archive of design computing and cognition research.

Design is a fundamentally important topic in disciplines ranging from the more commonly associated fields of architecture and engineering to emerging areas in the social sciences and life sciences. Design is the key to economic competitiveness and the fundamental precursor to objects - both physical and virtual - and services.

The conference theme of design computing and cognition recognizes not only the essential relationship between human cognitive processes as models of computation but also how models of computation inspire conceptual realizations of human cognition.

A CD-rom is included.


3D Archive algorithms architecture artificial intelligence communication complexity design information system layout ontology optimization sketch sketching visualization

Editors and affiliations

  • John S. Gero
    • 1
  • Ashok K. Goel
    • 2
  1. 1.Krasnow Institute for Advanced StudyUSA
  2. 2.Georgia Institute of TechnologyGeorgiaUSA

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