Mechanosensitivity of the Nervous System

Forewords by Nektarios Tavernarakis and Pontus Persson

  • Andre Kamkim
  • Irina Kiseleva

Part of the Mechanosensitivity in Cells and Tissues book series (MECT, volume 2)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XXII
  2. Mechanosensitivity of Nervous Cells

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Gehoon Chung, Seog Bae Oh
      Pages 23-49
    3. Jizhe Hao, Matthieu Raoux, Nathalie Azorin, Lise Rodat-Despoix, Aurélie Giamarchi, François Maingret et al.
      Pages 51-67
  3. Mechanosensitivity of the Receptors

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 105-105
    2. Keiji Tabuchi, Akira Hara
      Pages 107-113
    3. Narinobu Harada
      Pages 115-131
    4. James C.H. Tan, Minas T. Coroneo
      Pages 133-144
    5. Belauh Leitch, Robert M. Pitman
      Pages 145-170
  4. Biomechanic of Nervous System

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 171-171
    2. Kristian Franze, Andreas Reichenbach, Josef Käs
      Pages 173-213
    3. J.A.W. van Dommelen, M. Hrapko, G.W.M. Peters
      Pages 249-279
    4. Narayan Yoganandan, Jianrong Li, Jiangyue Zhang, Frank A. Pintar
      Pages 281-297
    5. Kazuhiro Imai, Hiroyuki Nakajima
      Pages 299-318
  5. Mechanosensitivity of Neurovascular System

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 319-319
  6. Back Matter
    Pages 345-347

About this book


This book presents the latest findings in mechanosensitivity of the nervous system. The nervous system stands out from a number of tissues because besides reacting to the mechanical stress it is transmitting its own response to other organs and tissues, which are located downstream of its signaling pathway. For this reason any type of mechanical stimulation of the nervous system, which is capable of triggering a physiological response, has high scientific and practical significance, since it allows its use beyond a particular experimental model anywhere where it is contributing to a particular pathological condition.

This book is a unique collection of reviews outlining the current knowledge and the future developments in this rapidly growing field. Currently, investigations of the effects of mechanical stress on the nervous system are focused on several issues. The majority of studies investigate the effects of mechanical stimulation on mechanosensitive channels, as its primary target and interactive agent, and aim on description of downstream intracellular signaling pathways together with addressing general issues of biomechanics of the nervous system. Knowledge of biomechanics, and mechanisms, which underlie it on organism, organ, tissue and cellular level, is necessary for understanding of the normal functioning of living organisms and allows to predict changes which arise due to alterations of their environment, and possibly will allow to develop new methods of artificial intervention.

The book brings up the problem closer to the experts in related medical and biological sciences as well as practicing doctors besides just presenting the latest achievements in the field.


Calcium Latest findings in mechanosensitivity of the nervous system Nervous System neurons regulation

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