Advances in Robot Kinematics: Analysis and Design

  • Jadran Lenarčič
  • Philippe Wenger

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. Singularity Analysis of Parallel Manipulators

  3. Design of Robots and Mechanisms

    1. M. Gouttefarde, S. Krut, O. Company, F. Pierrot, N. Ramdani
      Pages 71-78
    2. A. Rojas Salgado, Y. Ledezma Rubio
      Pages 89-99
    3. Patricia Ben-Horin, Federico Thomas
      Pages 111-118
    4. Mohammad Aamir Khan, Matteo Zoppi, Rezia Molfino
      Pages 119-126
    5. Ch. Grand, P. Martinelli, J. -B. Mouret, S. Doncieux
      Pages 127-134
  4. Methods in Kinematics

  5. Motion Planning and Mobility

    1. Satyajit Ambike, James P. Schmiedeler
      Pages 205-214
    2. J. -F. Gauthier, J. Angeles, S. Nokleby
      Pages 225-234
    3. Samir Lahouar, Saïd Zeghloul, Lotfl Romdhane
      Pages 235-242
    4. Ofelia G. Alba-Gómez, J. Alfonso Pamanes, Philippe Wenger
      Pages 253-261
    5. Emel Demircan, Luis Sentis, Vincent De Sapio, Oussama Khatib
      Pages 263-272
  6. Performance and Properties of Mechanisms

    1. Adolf Karger
      Pages 275-282
    2. Margot Rabl, Bert Jüttler, Laureano Gonzalez-Vega
      Pages 283-290
    3. Giovanni Berselli, Rocco Vertechy, Gabriele Vassura, Vincenzo Parenti Castelli
      Pages 291-299
    4. E. Macho, O. Altuzarra, C. Pinto, A. Hernandez
      Pages 301-310
    5. C. Quennouelle, C. M. Gosselin
      Pages 331-341
  7. Measure and Calibration

    1. P. Last, C. Budde, D. Schütz, J. Hesselbach, A. Raatz
      Pages 371-380
    2. Steven M. O’Brien, Juan A. Carretero
      Pages 381-390
    3. Jean-Sébastien Plante, Steven Dubowsky
      Pages 391-398
    4. Sébastien Barthélemy, Philippe Bidaud
      Pages 399-407
  8. Kinematic Analysis and Workspace

    1. M. Husty, E. Ottaviano, M. Ceccarelli
      Pages 411-418
    2. Carl D. Crane III, Jahan Bayat, Vishesh Vikas, Rodney Roberts
      Pages 419-427
    3. Agostino De Santis, Bruno Siciliano
      Pages 429-438
    4. Chung-Ching Lee, Jacques M. Hervé
      Pages 439-449
  9. Back Matter
    Pages 469-472

About this book


This book presents the most recent research advances in the theory, design, control and application of robot systems, which are intended for a variety of purposes such as manipulation, manufacturing, automation, surgery, locomotion and biomechanics. The issues addressed are fundamentally kinematic in nature, including synthesis, calibration, redundancy, force control, dexterity, inverse and forward kinematics, kinematic singularities, as well as over-constrained systems. Methods used include line geometry, quaternion algebra, screw algebra and linear algebra. These methods are applied to both parallel and serial multi-degree-of-freedom systems.

The book includes 48 independently reviewed papers of researchers specialising in robot kinematics. The contributors are the most recognised scientists in this area. The papers have been subdivided into the following sections: Singularity analysis of parallel manipulators, Design of robots and mechanisms, Motion planning and mobility, Performance and properties of mechanisms, Measure and calibration, Kinematic analysis and workspace.

Indexed in Conference Proceedings Citation Index- Science (CPCI-S)


Hub Lot Paro Transit actuator automation kinematics motion planning parallel robot robot unmanned aerial vehicle

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  • Jadran Lenarčič
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  • Philippe Wenger
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  1. 1.J. Stefan InstituteLjubljanaSlovenia
  2. 2.IRCCyN InstituteNantesFrance

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