General Methods and Overviews, Lung Carcinoma and Prostate Carcinoma

  • M. A. Hayat

Part of the Methods of Cancer Diagnosis, Therapy, and Prognosis book series (HAYAT, volume 2)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxxvi
  2. General Methods and Overviews

  3. Lung Cancer

    1. M. A. Hayat
      Pages 203-206
    2. Rabia K. Shahid, Kamal Haider, Amer Sami, Imran Ahmad, Florence Arnold, Sunil Yadav et al.
      Pages 207-217
    3. William F. Sensakovic, Samuel G. Armato III
      Pages 219-234
    4. Nagio Takigawa, Yoshihiko Segawa, Katsuyuki Kiura
      Pages 261-267
    5. Katsuyuki Kiura, Nagio Takigawa, Yoshihiko Segawa
      Pages 307-316
    6. Joachim Pfannschmidt, Heinrich Bulzebruck, Hendrik Dienemann
      Pages 323-336
    7. Susana Benlloch, Josè Marcelo Galbis-Caravajal, Bartomeu Massutí
      Pages 337-347
  4. Prostate Cancer

    1. M. A. Hayat
      Pages 391-396
    2. Renty B. Franklin, Leslie C. Costello
      Pages 397-413
    3. Franclim R. Ribeiro, Rolf I. Skotheim, Rui Henrique, Manuel R. Teixeira
      Pages 415-429
    4. Gabriel D. Dakubo, Ryan L. Parr, John P. Jakupciak
      Pages 441-464
    5. Sonia L. El-Sharkawy, Naglaa F. Abbas, Nadia G. EL-Hefnawy
      Pages 465-479
    6. Ahmet T. Turgut, Vikram S. Vikram
      Pages 499-520
    7. Nancy J. Nesslinger, Howard H. Pai, Charles M. Ludgate, Brad H. Nelson
      Pages 531-555
  5. Back Matter
    Pages 579-602

About this book


This is the first book that discusses the subjects of diagnosis, therapy, therapy assessment, and prognosis of lung and prostate cancer in one single volume.

Cancer killed 6.7 million people around the world in 2002, and this figure is expected to rise to 10.1 million in 2020. Lung cancer has been the most common cancer in the world since 1985, and by 2002 there were 1.35 million new cases, representing 12.5% of all new cancers. It was also the most common cause of death from cancer, with 1.18 million deaths (17.6% of the world total). Lung cancer remains a highly lethal disease. After diagnosis, survival at 5 years in the United States is 15%.

This second volume in the series Methods of Cancer Diagnosis, Therapy and Prognosis presents a comprehensive treatise on all aspects of Lung and Prostate cancer, including diagnosis, treatments and prognosis. Scientists and Clinicians have contributed state of the art chapters on their respective areas of expertise providing the reader a whole field view of lung and prostate cancer management.

This fully illustrated volume 
* Discusses diagnosis using molecular genetics, various imaging 
modalities, tumor markers and tumor gene therapy 
* Discusses treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation, chemoradiation, hormonal therapy, immunotherapy, and surgery; and prognosis 

* Highlights both primary and secondary cancers, and explains the risk of cancer survivors developing other cancers. 

* Attempts to translate molecular genetics into clinical practice. Evidence-based therapy is included. 
* Discusses the role of histology and immunohistochemistry in differentiating between pleuropulmonary desmoid tumors and solid fibroustumors.

* Discusses cancer stem cells, mutations, cancer vaccines, and personalized cancer medicine.

Professor Hayat has summarized the problems associated with the complexities of research publications and has been successful in editinga must-read volume for oncologists, cancer researchers, medical teachers and students of cancer biology.


Krebs Staging TNM staging system Tumor apoptosis carcinoma computed tomography (CT) diagnosis imaging magnetic resonance spectroscopy positron emission tomography surgery

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