Meaning and Language: Phenomenological Perspectives

  • Filip Mattens

Part of the Phaenomenologica book series (PHAE, volume 187)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xix
  2. Aspects of Language and Meaning in Husserl

    1. Ullrich Melle
      Pages 3-26
    2. Pol Vandevelde
      Pages 27-48
    3. Christian Beyer
      Pages 75-88
    4. Rochus Sowa
      Pages 105-123
  3. Reflections on the Constitutive Role of Language for Experience and Thought

    1. Vittorio De Palma
      Pages 127-148
    2. Dieter Lohmar
      Pages 169-194
    3. Lanei M. Rodemeyer
      Pages 195-212
  4. Phenomenology and its Language

    1. Jocelyn Benoist
      Pages 215-235
    2. Délia Popa
      Pages 237-256
    3. Filip Mattens
      Pages 281-327
  5. Back Matter
    Pages 329-333

About this book


This book is the first anthology to provide a wide-ranging picture of how phenomenology relates to language. It contains both in-depth studies on new aspects of language in Husserl’s thought as well as original phenomenological research that explores the respective potentials and limits of linguistic expression and conceptualization.

The fourteen texts gathered here may have a single aim, but their content varies depending on the respective author’s intention: either to discuss problems of language within the Husserlian framework, to address philosophical issues of language proceeding from a phenomenological viewpoint, or to provide a reflection on phenomenology’s relation to language. Thus, rather than being organized by topic, the collection has been arranged into three parts, according to the respective authors’ philosophical approaches.


Edmund Husserl Sinn concept language phenomenology

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