Radiation Induced Molecular Phenomena in Nucleic Acids

A Comprehensive Theoretical and Experimental Analysis

  • Manoj K. Shukla
  • Jerzy Leszczynski

Part of the Challenges and Advances In Computational Chemistry and Physics book series (COCH, volume 5)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XII
  2. So Hirata, Peng-Dong Fan, Toru Shiozaki, Yasuteru Shigeta
    Pages 15-64
  3. Mario Barbatti, Bernhard Sellner, Adélia J. A. Aquino, Hans Lischka
    Pages 209-235
  4. Glen R. Loppnow, Brant E. Billinghurst, Sulayman A. Oladepo
    Pages 237-263
  5. Nikos L. Doltsinis, Phineus R. L. Markwick, Harald Nieber, Holger Langer
    Pages 265-299
  6. Wei Kong, Yonggang He, Chengyin Wu
    Pages 301-321
  7. Michel Mons, Iliana Dimicoli, François Piuzzi
    Pages 343-367
  8. Manoj k. Shukla, Jerzy Leszczynski
    Pages 369-393
  9. Luis Blancafort, Michael J. Bearpark, Michael A. Robb
    Pages 473-492
  10. Léon Sanche
    Pages 531-575
  11. Janusz Rak, Kamil Mazurkiewicz, Monika Kobyłecka, Piotr Storoniak, Maciej Haranczyk, Iwona DĄbkowska et al.
    Pages 619-667
  12. Back Matter
    Pages 669-677

About this book


This volume presents a comprehensive overview of theoretical and experimental data on Ultraviolet radiation and low energy electron induced phenomena in nucleic acid fragments. The elucidation of possible mechanisms of these events is important for all living species and hence the technical challenges involved in the exploration of these processes are discussed. This volume will be of particular interest for those involved in understanding the photophysical and photochemical properties of nucleic acid bases, base assemblies, and also model systems related to nucleic acids. The chapter contributions assembled in Radiation Induced Molecular Phenomena in Nucleic Acids are written by theoreticians and experimentalists of international distinction.

Radiation Induced Molecular Phenomena in Nucleic Acids will be a useful reference to advanced undergraduates, postgraduates, academics, and researchers in computational chemistry and physics, physical chemistry, biochemistry, photochemistry, biophysics, molecular biology, materials science, and those engaged in nucleic acid research.


Base DNA ENDOR Pyrimidine Simulation computational chemistry low temperature nucleci acid bases photochemical properties photophysical properties photostable phenomena quantum chemical methods spectroscopy structural nonplanarity temperature

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  • Manoj K. Shukla
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  • Jerzy Leszczynski
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